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Minecrafting FTW! Top quality Minecraft videos: mods, PvP, adventure, survival, maps, Tekkit, Feed the Beast, and much more on our own private Server. Join u…


Minecraft video



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  • kate jekabsone 2 years ago

    ai cant wate for may 22 its my second name day

  • Chibi Lithuania 2 years ago


  • Chibi Lithuania 2 years ago


  • dwarvikhine derplord 2 years ago

    Meaty was standing in the fire when he died

  • pokermania117 2 years ago

    MOAR!!!! &$€*^+%%&$ make them longer I love this stuff you two are beast!!

  • Piers Soh 2 years ago

    pour water on blazer dumb and dumb

  • dmagley91 2 years ago

    loving this series guys! keep up the amazing work!!! :D

  • FuZe Clan 2 years ago

    Please subscribe to FuZe clan we will be posting some montages and that.

  • HiredAssassin5 2 years ago

    Lol I remember Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color. Such a classic show.

  • Chibi Lithuania 2 years ago

    they threw out a video?
    it’s through idiot

  • Jean Osorio 2 years ago

    yeah is very awesome my favorite youtubers

  • SUPANINJA2DAMAX 2 years ago

    All meaty does is whine like a Lil baby and gunns does most of the work while meaty just runs away, he deserved to die from the blaze

  • chris bullock 2 years ago

    you guys should do a vanilla series just sayin

  • Chibi Lithuania 2 years ago

    No he didn’t!! He was trying to get the spawners! and saying somebody deserves to die isn’t nice. even if it’s on a game

  • Chibi Lithuania 2 years ago

    Idk why ppl say that meaty just runs away and deserves to die. It’s a game >_<

  • Ian Goodman 2 years ago

    the cheeze is on fire!!

  • cobyfrye411 2 years ago

    I Have Meaty’s Luck…..Too Much Meatycraft!!! xD
    I Get 22 On Almost Everything In Minecraft Now(:

  • Earle Fraser 2 years ago

    dumb and dumber

  • John Misener 2 years ago

    i love the new intro its awesome

  • Chibi Lithuania 2 years ago

    they’re dumb and dumber :D
    they complete it and record on the same day, just uploaded it every three days

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