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lanceypooh is making the most awesome windmills EVER in this episode of Hardcore Minecraft 2.0! .:Subscribe:. ~Stay Connected~ Twitter…

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  • Seth Painter 5 years ago

    Lance let me holler atcha you need to evolve into modern technology. Travel
    to distant planets build cities find fossil fuel and create life on your
    planet. It will take awhile but galactic craft, sync mod, and mine factory
    [or whatever it's called] can do that for you. Advance, learn, and build up
    your population.?

  • Kyle Lawton 5 years ago

    No lancey!?

  • Cameron Bell 5 years ago

    Plz can u add me to the wall I’m a huge fan and I’ve been here since u had
    340 subs plzz it would make my year :) ?

  • Kid Ink 5 years ago

    Im gay?

  • jack carroll 5 years ago

    And please stop with the cussing its really annoying nobody likes it?

  • heck yah 5 years ago

    Dude I’ve been watching you for about 4 – 5 months and you are awesome dude

  • Korbin Barbosa 5 years ago

    Boo LUS go bulldogs ?

  • Ryan Reeves 5 years ago

    Please put me on the wall of legion please I love your vids

  • Antonio Gargiulo 5 years ago

    this would be a bit of work, but you could make sum sort of plane in the
    sky above the base and have the wind mills as its propellers. i recon that
    would look super bad ass :D #Legion ?

  • Akira Ryuuji 5 years ago

    Why dont you make the windmill look like plane instead, it’ll awesomely
    awesome ?

  • Georgia Collins 5 years ago

    Wind for ever?

  • Abbey Gibbs 5 years ago

    is there any girls actually on the wall on the wall ?

  • Matthew Henderson 5 years ago

    Mount me… On the wall #Legion?

  • Hafa Ziqfiq 5 years ago

    Lancey, I think your audio in this video is kinda quiet. Not all of it
    though,the intro sounds fine,just the microphone.?

  • bobby petrelli 5 years ago

    I think the windmill power output is altitude based. The higher the
    windmill is placed, the more power it outputs.?

  • TheLittleCrafter 5 years ago

    The jokes you make are amazing and you are super nice and funny and great.

  • XX5150XX 5 years ago

    you should make the ic2 nuclear reactor they produce a poop ton of power
    they fill up an mfsu in like 60 seconds if you set them up properly ?

  • southbeauty1 5 years ago

    Lancy, I just ran the math on those windmills. If you need 4 Extreeme low
    voltage windmills to make the next tier, and so on, to make the Extreem
    High voltage windmill, you’re going to need 1024 Extreem low voltage in
    total. After making that 1 Medium windmill, you need 960 more.?

  • Hong Jing Ng 5 years ago


  • Dr. H 5 years ago

    Great video lancey it’s nice to see how far you’ve come since your first