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Blood and Bones returns with Lanceypooh trying to stay alive in this hardcore Minecraft world! This time around the adventure takes a turn when Lancey finds a villager with a deal. .:Subscribe:….


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  • Harold Tan 5 years ago

    Lol. If you had the mod that has the ships helm, you can nake a flying
    base! Sadly its not in the pack….?

  • Killerhawk 5 years ago

    +Lanceypooh luv your videos
    i wish i could be like you lol i meant on youtube?

  • Abood Shadfan 5 years ago

    Ur better than ssundee in blood and bones all tho u died 10 times anyway

  • nolan rock 5 years ago

    go to the rogues tower dungeon they have brewing stands in it?

  • Eddie Ortiz 5 years ago

    Make a safari net to capture the Villagers, then put them in by our castle
    without traveling all over the place looking for then
    Anyways awesome video!

  • hypernova132 5 years ago

    Okay lancey, first, the gold is saturation. Saturation is what stops you
    from losing hunger in minecraft. It is in vanilla yet does not show up.
    Also the delighted meals are craftable, find out how to.?

  • darrus mosier 5 years ago

    make Armour dude?

  • WeGoPro1 5 years ago


  • envthewicked 5 years ago

    Minecraft Burger King! ?

  • Joseph Drolet 5 years ago

    Lancey the crap about not moving the dirt is bullshite. Someone lied to you
    dood and I have been trying to tell you this forever. Some crops just grow
    better in certain biomes. The seeds tell you what is the best biome for it
    to grow in when you hover over it.?

  • Cody Powers 5 years ago

    Could you do a lost version two??

  • Hunter Kirkwood 5 years ago

    More plzzzzzzz btw YOu are sooo funny?

  • giorgi apkhaidze 5 years ago

    use safari net to capture the villagers!?

  • scientist368 5 years ago

    use safari nets to catch villagers?

  • Bartek Ligas 5 years ago

    The nether warts grows in darkness or under ground without any

  • LukeJediMiner 5 years ago

    Lancey should do a wall of legion in this series! Plus, you should make a
    force wrench to transport your chests easier?

  • Makayla Tasker 5 years ago

    yassss under 10th comment and under 100th view….I always wanted to do
    that…I have no other goals in life…love you lancey??

  • XLE6IONX 5 years ago

    Lancey Lancey…You have everything you need to make the Delighted Meal
    yourself….lol although I would say you have a pretty cheap system to get
    them. Also remember don’t break the wheat to harvest it. Right click on
    it to get your harvest and it leaves the plant still in the ground and
    it’ll regrow faster.

    There is a breakfast version of the delighted meal as well. I believe
    you’ll find it if you type “feast” into NEI.

    Also last but most important…STOP JUMPING. You are wasting SO much
    hunger by doing that.

    Glory be to the legion!?

  • MinecraftGuyz 5 years ago


  • iRonicH15 5 years ago

    You already have everything you need to make yourself the burgers. Still
    had fun watching you running around! #Legion?