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Hardcore Blood and Bones Minecraft is back and in this episode Lanceypooh is taking some advice from one of YOU in the comments section to make some AWESOME armor!! .:Subscribe:.


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  • Herschel Heath 5 years ago

    Please do more exploring in the up coming episodes. It’s really fun to
    watch. Nice video Lancy?

  • Acd pkp 5 years ago

    hehe awesome as always :P :D #Legion?

  • Elias Fiudy 5 years ago


  • Mpr Happycrafters 5 years ago

    Lancey, you can use iron,copper,bronze, or any other metal to craft a tool

  • Jeff Berner 5 years ago

    Not sure if this is correct but I think steel is better than damascus
    steel, which is better than iron and bronze. However steel tools don’t seem
    to have a mining level of steel (don’t know why) so since you need to
    upgrade your tool to get a mining level of steel to get the nether ores you
    might want to start replacing parts on your tools so you can keep the
    levels and modifiers you gain and you can add mob heads on tools to up the
    mining level if you have a modifier to use but the head can usually be
    placed on certain tiers of tools and I think you may have another head in
    one of your chests as well. If the heads can only be placed on lower tier
    weapons than your damascus steel, I would recommend placing the head on a
    lower tier tool that you have kept and then replacing the parts of that
    tool with damascus steel. It may work that way but I am not 100% sure.?

  • ImTheGuyBehindYou 5 years ago

    Lancey dont make new pickaxes cuz you can just upgrade ur current one by
    just making the pick head and combining it with ur old pick. That will
    maintain its skills and levels. ?

  • Rohan singh 5 years ago

    lancey reply to this you should use the skelly head its a modifire so if u
    add a mossy ball u take 9 mossy stone bricks and full up the crafting table
    and add it and r pick will auto fix ?

  • FinishedCookedPie 5 years ago

    Make a Cleaver Its like Very OP but Slow at Attacks but Good Hit Points
    Like DAmascus Steel Cleaver Is 14+ Attack Damage though?

  • The Square Master 5 years ago

    Other than the Blood armor from the blood magic mod, adamantine armor is
    the best armor.

    It is quite hard to get though. U gotta go to the nether.

    Anyway, add balls of moss to your pickaxe in the tool station.
    Adding balls of moss to your pickaxe makes it auto-repair and you won’t
    have to keep making more pickaxes?

  • Taryn Morrissey 5 years ago


  • cody14309 5 years ago

    Lance that skeliton head you got if you put it on a sword it will give it a
    buff also id recomend making a long sword even if it just temporary, if you
    left click it it charges up and you can jump high?

  • de budder cactus 5 years ago

    Hey lancey! Why don’t you make a longsword, its a cheap, strong effective
    weapon that also gives you a lunge when you hold down right click. Like a

  • Basca Kixdodh 5 years ago

    Lancey dont make new pickaxes cuz you can just upgrade ur current one by
    just making the pick head and combining it with our old pick but make sure
    you old pick axe is fully repair before you replace the parts by doing this
    it will maintain its skills and levels and mine better stuff?

  • xXSlenderpBrineXx 5 years ago

    Love the vid lance!
    Really enjoyed the commentary!

  • CrazyZEG 5 years ago

    Yeah! New episode! Thanks Lancey! :D #Legion ?

  • nintendoimagine1234 5 years ago

    Lancey, you don’t have to waste resources on whole new picks. You can
    switch parts and keep levels you had.?

  • Kyle Kamakaze 5 years ago

    If u put a anvil in the smeltery u get steel?

  • Shawn Lane 5 years ago

    Still making the best vids out there lancey YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Wade Barrett 5 years ago

    Lancey dont always just make a new pic add it to your old ones and if it
    had leveled up u can keep the levels ?

  • TheAyub1000 5 years ago

    Great video Lancey! Keep up the good work :D ?