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Pls leaf me suggestions for new series


Minecraft video



  • Isabella Santiago 5 months ago

    Play stoneblock

  • LonelyNightmare8 5 months ago

    Vanilla with 1.14 would be cool.

  • Mianite season 3

  • I3roken Gaming 5 months ago

    Journey to the far lands for your next survival playthough?

  • Cringy Stingy 5 months ago

    11:35 what is this ring on his ring finger

  • Caleb Elledge 5 months ago

    Modded survival!!!

  • Sarah Sarah 5 months ago

    Would love to see a episode or series of you trying to fly through single holes In walls.

  • TOXICDRAGZ 5 months ago

    Bring back Jerry’s tree and do a modded survival but like super industrial with conveyor belts and pipes and nukes I think that would be pretty fun

  • Britney Anderson 5 months ago

    definitely a modded series

  • Christian Belile 5 months ago

    Do Blood and Bones! Like if you agree!

  • The Fallen King of Gaming 5 months ago

    Trollcraft 2.0

  • xXHellfireReaperXx 5 months ago

    Troll craft season 2!!!!! Even Ssundee promised it!!!!

  • Alex Osterman 5 months ago


  • Krotoxx 5 months ago

    Its an older mod pack, but I really loved the blood and bones one. Sundee did a playthrough sorta of it and I feel like you would enjoy the difficulty of it

  • LivinDaDream 5 months ago

    Loved the series

  • droid 364329 5 months ago

    How about a water world map?

  • No va 5 months ago

    Modded hardcore revival next up buckaroo

  • Steve Robles 5 months ago

    Got tired of Minecraft and onto RedDeadRedemption2? Hopefully

  • cj_Carpio 5 months ago

    mianite season 3 ?!?!?!

  • Spectre 5 months ago

    Pumpkins were changed. They’re normal pumpkins now…you have to make the jack-o-lanterns yourself.

  • Spectre 5 months ago

    Might I suggest a few Adventure maps while you mull over what you’re looking for in a modpack? Technic might be an option…there’s a pack on that called ‘Blightfall’ which would make for a very interesting series. You have to save an alien planet from Blight, a particularly nasty infection. There are quests to do and things aren’t crafted the usual way. It’s quite fun, really.

  • Emerldcart 5 months ago


  • Andrew Ace 5 months ago


  • IRJack12 ! 5 months ago

    Plz do another series

  • taaan taan 5 months ago

    Modded survival broooo

  • NinjerNickkk 5 months ago

    You should try out the Stoneblock modpack/map! Similar to skyblock but you’re in a completely stone world with it’s own progression and quests. Started it myself recently and it’s pretty sweet so far

  • For your future sanity just hold the god damn totem in your off-hand

  • Axel Thebrownsofa 5 months ago


  • Axel Thebrownsofa 5 months ago


  • Gaurav Singh 5 months ago


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