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Lewis teaches Sjin some advanced computer practices, until a power shortage threatens to stop them in their tracks. Previous episode: Next episode: Coming Soon!…


Minecraft video

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  • zablablukas 5 years ago

    “Make a big reactor” – Lewis *looks at Hole Diggers* … … … Well that
    will be fun and depressing to watch…?

  • ztsb45 5 years ago

    OI, someone willing to do this, I have a task/challenge for you.On the next
    series the main yogscast channel makes, from a full list of the mods in the
    complete pack, make a checklist to see what mods they don’t ever actually
    use an item from. (Best to use Excel or something, probably, to make the
    list, and then mark it in the cells next to/below whatever)?

  • melkorsheir 5 years ago

    My ‘Like’ icon doesn’t go blue when I click on it…?

  • Caldera 5 years ago

    10 commandments of skyblock

    1. Thou shalt not fall off
    2. Thou shalt build 2 thick
    3. Thou shalt illuminate thy platforms
    4. Thou shalt consume whole hearts to retain lives
    5. Thou shalt keep thy animals in pens for safekeeping
    6. Thou shalt keep thy hunger bar full
    7. Thou shalt not build a bridge to the mainland
    8. Thou shalt not loose thy dirt and saplings
    9. Thou shalt kill the heathen mobs, or keep them inside a grinder
    10. Thou shalt not habitate the nether.?

  • JBroMCMXCI 5 years ago

    Ripped my dick when Sjin replaced the cable Simon disconnected when fixing
    the power… ?

  • jackemanman 5 years ago

    intro song??

  • Nexus & iJahy 5 years ago

    did they ay raw potatoes are poison??

  • DRAGONMASTER412 5 years ago

    If I was to play the mod pack and power my computer I would make a massage
    battery of coal generators and just constantly pump charcoal into them use
    the final power to power the power provider XD don’t want the same result
    as hole diggers XD?

  • Azure Flare 5 years ago

    i swear they try to be stupid sometimes. Are raw potatoes poisonous? LMAO

  • YOGSCAST Duncan 5 years ago

    Lewis shows Sjin some advanced computing.?

  • Avsar Kocaman 5 years ago

    Why is it when a girl gets a vibrator, it’s seen as a bit of naught fun.
    BUT when a guy orderds a 240 Volt FuckMaster Pro
    5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating box, elasticized anus with
    non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built in
    realistic orgasm scream surround sound system, he’s called a pervert!
    Double standards man!?

  • Thelunatic Loggers 5 years ago

    Hii duncan! <3?

  • Marley Bradbury 5 years ago

    I’m not sure but I think 4 wood planks are equal to 1 charcoal so therefore
    why don’t you just craft the wood logs into 4 planks with an auto crafting
    table or use a sawmill to get 6 planks + sawdust from every log?

  • Jerardo Gonnella 5 years ago

    u foking wot m8??

  • Birdblizzard 5 years ago

    Raw potatoes are poisonous? This series is my favourite place for random
    bits of false facts :P ?

  • Hikari 5 years ago

    raw potatoes are not poisonous… i ate TONS of raw potatoes when i was a
    kid whenever she’d make potato soup.. they dont do anything… they’re
    almost completely pure starch for crying out loud.?

  • Lily Chambers 5 years ago

    I love how Lewis’ knowledge of minecraft mods has massively grown since the
    tekkit days where Duncan was the smart one. Not that he’s any less clever,
    I just mean that Lewis is a lot better clued up than he was before.?

  • ZombieDestroyer991 5 years ago

    Lewis : “The recipe for ME Interface is very easy. Take a look at it”
    Sjin : “Yeah?” **looks at the recipe for cobble** “Oh yeah !”

    Oh Sjin .. xD?

  • Dominik Milyaro 5 years ago

    If there were no potatoes what would Russians eat, they’re diets consist if
    potatoes and vodka.?

  • WolffHDGaming 5 years ago

    Sjin at the end just kept eating carrot juice for no reason even though he
    was full, I swear sometimes he is just so oblivious ?