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Sjin and Lewis get cooking, rustling up some cream and other goodies. My self-generated world at the other end of the SkyBlock continues to grow. Previous episode:


Minecraft video


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  • Cozmosus 5 years ago

    Why is spaghetti spelt without an H in this??

  • DragonPotato1503™ 5 years ago

    The amount of oak leaves on this skyblock, is too damn high!?

  • wolveboy2 5 years ago

    You can make 4375 dirt with 35K leaves. ?

  • rafi antar saputra 5 years ago

    guys can you guys make it for 30 mins long cuz 11-14 mins not really enough
    for me?

  • Eddard Stark 5 years ago

    What’s the intro song?

    Any Darude Sandstorms will be flagged.?

  • Martynas LIN 5 years ago

    Duncan can spawn creative building wand! Like if you agree?

  • YOGSCAST Duncan 5 years ago

    So many leaves!?

  • RJgaming 5 years ago

    A potato flu around my room?

  • Epicness Riley 5 years ago

    Hello Duncan will you play Farming Simulator 15 when it comes out? :D ?

  • ClickAnimalVideos 5 years ago

    I want pixelmon ?

  • Bren Tenkage 5 years ago

    Question….can we get a download of this map, I want to live on this
    skyblock LOL?

  • CruzaComplex 5 years ago

    I’m legitimately impressed by Duncan’s terraforming. It really does look
    very nice.?

  • yahuwah borkidybork 5 years ago

    Duncan sounds either tired or high?

  • DRAGONMASTER412 5 years ago

    Iv watched every episode and iv only just noticed it’s episode 75?

  • Rhea Silhouette 5 years ago

    Duncan’s annoying me doing nothing but placing dirt and stone down every

  • EnGalenPerson 5 years ago

    Alright, what’s the flippin’ intro music already?!?

  • HawianCheeseball 5 years ago

    35000 leaves on the skyblock!
    35000 leaves
    Shear one off
    Blof blof blof
    35999 leaves on the Skyblock!?

  • Tafea FC 5 years ago

    The icon for the fresh milk looks strikingly similar to the milk carton in
    the Blur music video Coffee and TV. The thing is though the milk isn’t used
    to make coffee in the video, it’s actually in a love story. So yeah, great
    song, check it out :D ?

  • keiron evans 5 years ago

    You know your not really on a skyblock just build out one what and you will
    find land the chunk you spawned in is just been mined around and holoed out
    in creative so yea u can find land by going out a direction so duncons idea
    is allready completed ?

  • Heart Beats 5 years ago

    Probably silly question, but do the Yogscast use Yogscast Complete pack for
    ALL their series? including this? (assuming it was the skyblock map they
    downloaded and started from there) Wondering about this one, Sjins farm and
    magic police. At least the link in the info on all the episodes is to ATL
    Yogscast complete pack. Just wanted to know seeing as me and my friends
    have recently acquired a server of our own and want to use this modpack,
    just wondering if it’s the same as all the series.?