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It’s me vs Blizzes on the Skybock, as Lewis puts Sjin’s old plantation to work. Previous episode: …


Minecraft video

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  • HawianCheeseball 5 years ago

    5:04 Ghast sound…?

  • ScrapperTBP 5 years ago

    Sjin has basically built them a base with mobs galore in the ceiling. I bet
    one session he just mines out the ceiling and lets the mobs fall on their
    heads. Then he can fly away with his potion.?

  • TG Maps 5 years ago

    Episode 89 of Hardcore sky block and the viewers are still searching for
    the illusive Theme/ Intro Music!?

  • Aidan Weiss- Rice 5 years ago

    Sjin constantly has hover mode on, and that drains the energy faster?

  • Drewlink555 5 years ago

    I feel like Duncan and Lewis could get a lot more dine without Sjin there
    distracting them?

  • JCstock 5 years ago

    “An Excellent Castle” Oops wrong channel. ?

  • Bigbenn97 5 years ago

    The Ladies Bras is currently the shortest song to make it into the Top 40
    Charts in the UK at 30 something seconds?

  • Shawn Pal 5 years ago

    Why can’t they use the endothermic pump and send lava via tesseract to some
    lava generators/magmatic engines??

  • Ok, now I know Sjin is setting up for a future troll, because he stared
    straight into the heart of darkness and then went about his business
    without placing any torches in there.

    You sneaky bugger.?

  • Ali Stringer 5 years ago

    Still builds huge platforms without any torches,
    Still refuses to put cobblestone under a single layer of dirt
    Still ignores a pitch black room with a million and a half mobs?

  • Thomas Karlberg Molvik 5 years ago

    I love how duncan search for a silk touch tool in the computer and there is
    literally 2 flux-infused sickles there with silk touch 5 and he says there
    is nothing. Good o’l Duncan.?

  • Matchstick1999 5 years ago

    why dont they use tesseracts then cabels for those long pipe lines that
    lewis did for the fruit pickers?

  • Vektacle 5 years ago

    Looks like Sjin is the traitor this round.?

  • Airlink145 5 years ago

    I think if if you supply the energetic infuser with more power, so that the
    buffer doesnt get low or run out while charging, it charges faster. Also, I
    think some items have different charging rates.?

  • Stephen Marshall 5 years ago

    Why should we all break our Axe, You’ve gotta pick an apple or two…?

  • Winter_Chill 5 years ago

    Duncan, you got the ending mixed up… it showing up as Fluxbuddies next
    episode, not argarian?

  • YOGSCAST Duncan 5 years ago

    It’s me vs Blizzes on the Skybock, as Lewis puts Sjin’s old plantation to

  • MultiComare 5 years ago

    What is the song in the intro?

  • fin t 5 years ago

    They started off with such humble beginnings now look at them I am so proud