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Minecraft HC #7 -


Minecraft video



  • Elise White 1 week ago

    Not that I’m complaining, more just genuinely curious, but why are you playing Chrono Trigger music when this game has it’s own background music? Again not complaining because I love Chrono Trigger and the music for it but was wondering why.

  • - Zuwugibunny - 1 week ago

    *sees a redstone repeater*
    *starts sweating*
    “guys, I don’t know what to do…”

  • Josiah Cuttill 1 week ago

    So, Dean dead?

  • Josiah Cuttill 1 week ago

    Also, they missed a chest in the jungle temple. There’s the one hidden by the redstone puzzle, which is controlled by the three levers, and then there is one around the corner at the end of the hallway, which is guarded by the dispenser. Also, you could’ve destroyed the tripwire for string and raided the dispenser for arrows, which would’ve been helpful.

  • Josiah Cuttill 1 week ago

    8:21 and 12:59, that’s why you wear full iron armor.

  • just da memes 1 week ago

    Hey what about a modded hardcore

  • mmuffin gang 1 week ago

    jeez you guys were lagging HARDCORE

    somebody kill be

  • CosmicMelonz 1 week ago

    I got a bad hole makes sense now

  • Pichuni Zilla 1 week ago

    Now I need to see that chicken quest ASAP

  • Olivia Wells 1 week ago

    Austin was so chill when he said “for all we know Dean is dead”

  • Lawrence 1 week ago

    I’ve been watching when season 1 was out

  • pieguy38 1 week ago

    Is that borderlands 2 music playing while you explore the temple?

  • CopperWire 1 week ago

    jeasus hot-sauce christmas cake, that was an an episode alright. Goodness grief guys, way to have me freaked out.

  • Link60255 1 week ago

    for a sec i thought pbg did a jirard

  • Jacob Barbulescu 1 week ago

    Not lying when peebs had that server lag thing I actually thought because of the editing that it was a new twist to this season where a person could get possessed, and I actually got so freaked out that I backed away from the screen

  • Sam M. 1 week ago

    At about 9:00 the background music made me think of the Re:Zero Soundtrack. It would’ve fit nicely.

  • A Random Cupcake 1 week ago


  • Ping Pong 1 week ago

    I just finished rewatching all the previous seasons of Minecraft Hardcore, and now caught up with this one! I’m hyped for Hardcore!!

  • SinisterBun 1 week ago

    Lord of the Flies extended edition

  • Mushroom Kingdom Puffle 1 week ago


    Can we make it through the Nether without a Pigman Ambush this time?

  • wardudekid 1 week ago

    Really miss when they had all 7, the server just felt a live with all these different convos going on.

  • Joey Roth 1 week ago

    This was a great episode.

  • I_Like_It_Here 1 week ago

    Who tf doesnt know what a repeater is

  • The Mighty DragonWolf 1 week ago


  • Link in Park 1 week ago

    every season opening they always show scene at nether and wear some diamond sword. but this season they not show both. you know why?


  • CREEPERNUKES 1 week ago

    This is happening so fast

  • Loco Cortes 1 week ago


  • Blue 1 week ago

    imagine how different this episode would have been if when peebs fell into the hole he died without a word and the group just saw a pile of items at the bottom of that hole

  • Nima Noscho 6 days ago

    “Oh, wait, you guys won’t be able to he…”

  • Raven Connli 6 days ago

    The jungle makes the game lag, sucks cause it’s a really pretty biome but I tend to avoid it because of that

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