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Hermit Quest is a Minecraft modpack and map, set


Minecraft video



  • BinnyTheMidget7 1 year ago


  • ryan mundell 1 year ago

    This sucks I want last season rules back

  • ryan mundell 1 year ago

    Can you just quit season this and make different videos

  • Blazed Blaziken - Random Mobile Games 1 year ago

    Etho i honestly think that if you do a face reveal not just your subscribers but also people who know you haven’t showb your face in any social media will press the subscribe buttone 3 times except for those that are already subscribed they will do it 4 times including yours truly hitler jk me

  • mickobee 1 year ago

    Seems too close to the last one for me

  • mickobee 1 year ago

    Man I know the whole comment section is saying it but these rules suck hard

  • CyberWize 1 year ago

    Really not a fan of the no perma-death thing.
    Like, there’s still incentive for pvp (apparently those rift keys)… but there’s no DISincentive for dying – in fact, as this ep shows, dying can be useful for fast-travel.

  • eef eef 1 year ago

    Were Is ark

  • eef eef 1 year ago

    You ate the last Minecraft YouTuber I watch because your episodes are so entertaining

  • David foreverlife 1 year ago

    I am sorry to be this guy but I believe that vintagebeef and iskall fit you more and are more entertaining than the current team, I am sorry again for being that guy

  • NovaNinja64 1 year ago

    Really another one back to back?… pls bring back every other day LP videos with mixed in Project Ozone and Hermitcraft S5

  • Prank Lover2001 1 year ago

    I’m not sure if he said this but why has been not posting as much

  • logan mitchell 1 year ago

    i was going to watch anyways but expected a whole new series of the same exact game would be kind of boring. very glad the game switched up a bit!

  • Sergej Bozinovic 1 year ago

    Smrt means death in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian so in a way, Etho, you are smrt

  • Ryan Livolsi 1 year ago


  • Harvi689 1 year ago

    To come back to your videos after years makes me really emotional I would never think anyone could play 1 game for so long good for you dude, keep it up!

  • Attila Gergely 1 year ago

    etho plays like a noob now … (no shield, can’t run … can’t focus… ) I don’t like it :/

  • Jordan Mew 23 1 year ago

    I died when he said to like ethos vid

  • Woodchuck Games 1 year ago

    I wouldnt mind being on scars team :P

  • Steven 1 year ago

    no permadeath? all interest lost.

  • TechnoRazor 1 year ago

    Creeper explosions make Etho hungry…

  • Lasse sørensen 1 year ago

    24:06 Wait is that Python

    Oh wait no, that’s just a fern

  • Doctor Redstone 1 year ago

    i honestly world forget if it wasn’t for his reminding me to like

  • DaMLGYouTuber 1 year ago


  • Sean Eik 1 year ago

    That look down was amazing, don’t forget to like Etherp’s video

  • MrDarkzBallz 1 year ago

    Omg yay!!!! I luv this series!!

  • MR Glitch 1 year ago

    Hey Etho remember your old videos

  • Sean Larkin 1 year ago

    This Sounds Great. haha like and comment.

  • Firenyth 1 year ago

    would be nice if there was some punishment for dying, like a 5 min timer or something so its not just i’ll die to get back home and health

  • AMV Hunter 1 year ago

    smrt means death in serbian

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