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Minecraft video



  • Eddison Casticon 1 week ago

    Pls make an underwater bunker (having all the basic things a bunker have) in 10 minutes, 1 minute, and 10 seconds!

  • Sleepy head o_o 1 week ago

    U should subscribe to me

  • Rumbo Jumbo 1 week ago

    Now try it with a redstone door! :P

  • Crazy Reebro 1 week ago


  • opastaja pelaa! 1 week ago

    Do Chincken boms for G team like that mumbo can see this

  • Ive Vaatstra 1 week ago

    Hi mombo jumbo i have some ideas for thus

    Piston extenders
    Piston doors
    Redstone contraptions

  • Sevenfifteen Music 1 week ago

    Me at 10s house building challenge: “Ok, um, right, wood on 1, planks on 2, where do I start? Where’s the bed? Ok, on 3. Well, let’s place … oh, time’s up!”

  • Scott Noordhoek 1 week ago

    I am the 10k subscriber

  • Ujo Bochník 1 week ago

    Piston doors!

  • Maximus Waughman 1 week ago

    i want grian to try this

  • JB PRO 1 week ago

    What about the 10 hour house!?

  • Lane Robertson 1 week ago

    The things you can do with fence gates in redstone!

  • Mohammed Gara Ali 1 week ago

    Mumbo, you could have used ladders to get up to the next floor and replaced the time-consuming stairs by a piston door in your 10 minute build. ( That was a mouthful! )

  • eric_kartman 321 1 week ago

    make pls a house in 1 hour 10 hour and 1 day xD

  • d a p y w a t e r m e l o n 1 week ago

    Do a piston door

  • Tarmo Foss 1 week ago

    its the best of you in building!!

  • Anirud Chakkarapani 1 week ago

    Says the house is for a zombie apocalypse

    Walks right through the door

  • ThEnderYoshi HD 1 week ago

    7/10 – Non enough armor dispencers

  • DevGuitar 1 week ago

    What if grain and mumbo did a challenge of 10, 1 min , 10 min , well

    Grain would win!!
    Mumbo would win in redstone

  • DoctorSiamese 1 week ago

    he said having the stairs not redstone-ified it would be hard to menuver but you could just have a ladder

  • caleb bos 1 week ago

    you should do a 10 second 1 minute 10 minute tnt cannon

  • Tianxiang Gu 1 week ago

    Grian could transform this lol

  • Ocean Blue Animations 1 week ago

    So, No Walls then?

  • Deadrealm 1 week ago


  • Lucy Mills 1 week ago

    3.05 u can see another house in the background

  • AdamsG 1 week ago

    All the comments forgot a major thing for this…


  • Buzzkiller 03 1 week ago

    The 10 min house doesn’t have a frame

  • Diego Ayala 1 week ago


  • Adam Pracný 1 week ago

    Is that how mafia works?

  • Johns Junk 1 week ago

    grian should have done this XD

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