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Minecraft video


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  • jesse lopiccolo 1 year ago

    nice server…i am a sponser or something higher on your server.its really cool.

  • SuperSkeletonArmy 1 year ago

    and u were like a ghostman ! cool skin:)

  • nastute7 1 year ago

    In the ending the music is great and Jeffrey is cute

  • Rakorax56 1 year ago

    nice episode!!

  • Luka Korda 1 year ago


  • abualdy75 1 year ago

    Dude do a face cam

  • Cutelittle Rainicorngirl 1 year ago

    You still didnt hear the epic song of Jason

  • Pocochan Gamezing 1 year ago

    His name is presto915 something

  • SuperSkeletonArmy 1 year ago

    man u are lucky,becouse you now that map !

  • Codcj2 1 year ago

    I played this srver I liked it

  • Lucas Mok 1 year ago

    Your skin?

  • Luke Dennison 1 year ago

    Nice server update truemu

  • spacer360mc 1 year ago

    I try to log in to your server but I cant join.

  • PenPlaysMinecraft 1 year ago

    You are really good at Minecraft Survival Games

  • XMysticHerox 1 year ago

    There exist an PvP game called Hunger Games since early Beta

  • daren nathaniel 1 year ago

    Jason is the server premium?

  • Elvin Joshua 1 year ago

    the map looks like from skyrim even the name is from skyrim hahahahha

  • Xallxpro 1 year ago

    Jjason we should play hunger games some time message me some time

  • brandon stuckey 1 year ago

    what skin was that

  • xxyoungjkillerxx 1 year ago

    i like how people say that jason is in spleef when he is playing hg
    and i know that jason had changed his name from truemu but realy

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