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Minecraft video



  • Kang Kang Wang 6 days ago

    What mod is this???

  • Lavalox21 6 days ago

    when u see a light flickering bt u forgot its tnt blowing up
    ”i said minecraft was easy ;) ” XD

  • Noel De Jesus 6 days ago

    0:17 *KABOOM*

  • Dan Error 6 days ago

    Dan plz play minecraf horrod map

  • Hana Khaled 6 days ago


  • Shehdi Ragiun 6 days ago

    Where the next roblox video.

  • Warsaq Yt 6 days ago

    Dan:Minecraft is easy
    5 mins later
    Dan: ooo another one
    Me:I guess Minecraft is not easy after all

  • Cat Lover 226 6 days ago


  • Cat Lover 226 6 days ago

    Is this just a mod

  • fiidel calva 6 days ago


  • iron gamer denman 6 days ago


  • Poly gon 6 days ago

    Don’t Starve PLEASE PLEASE

  • RisingHero_Gaza 6 days ago

    Hats reminds me of crazy craft
    Anybody remembers?

  • Skye Graham 6 days ago

    My best friend who is part of the dab police but he dabbed today

  • Galaxy Girl 6 days ago

    pppparrrrtttt 222222!!!!!

  • wolf gamer WG 6 days ago

    I challenge you DAN!! To play Minecraft… Vanilla Minecraft no mods no anything….

  • Nene Hshshdbdd 6 days ago

    Iv been watching your videos sense I was 2

  • Storm the Fox 6 days ago

    what about when you played MINECRAFT before? the series,the old lab,dr. tryorus idk (i dont know) if thats how its spelled

  • King R 6 days ago

    Then play custom night five nights at Freddie is animatronic call Spring trap

  • Nicole Santema 6 days ago

    I’ve returned back too you’re channel!! Where is you’re intro?

  • Xx Rekan Plays 6 days ago

    Dan tdm my teacher bows you his name is mr strait

  • Panda Man Gamer PART 2 6 days ago

    You ate weird Dan

  • BunBun The bunny gaming 6 days ago

    I was terrified after that jumpscare well explosion

  • A Pux 6 days ago

    You know nothing about Minecraft anymore ;”(

  • ErnestCowboy90 6 days ago

    Yeah you deserve that because you say minecraft so easy and you dont play it anymore

  • Joe Romano 6 days ago

    Love you Dan!!!

  • X Gaming 6 days ago

    Ah,good ol’ Minecraft

  • HackerCash250 6 days ago

    Can you do a playlist of coin master plz dan

  • Henpeckedrhys 6 days ago

    Tis easy

  • Scott Perez 6 days ago

    just wait till he plays Terraria

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