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Today we play Minecraft Lucky Dip Modded


Minecraft video



  • TheWolfRaizer 1 year ago

    If it works try destruction catalyst and vein miner like if agree!

  • Parker Willis 1 year ago

    jerome do worms reload as cops and ropper

  • Luke Wray 1 year ago

    where tewity??

  • Paper Plane 1 year ago

    Jerome can you do a modded hunger games? like so he can see!

  • Josh Sucks 1 year ago

    wheres h4m

  • mikael salman 1 year ago

    I was on Xbox 1 Minecraft and found a forest mansion in survival

  • BLUE060910 1 year ago

    to all those people that says he missed diamonds, I feel you because one time, maybe he found REAL diamonds and he says that it is one of the modded ores

  • lightning909 1 year ago

    32:24 what headset? those things are ear buds

  • Me does things And stuff 1 year ago


  • Jackle Raid 1 year ago

    Crazy craft 4 plz

  • Patrick Briley 1 year ago

    you gotta turn something off in the vienminer config, the last time i changed it the thing to allow cobble to be broke was at the bottom

  • Vanessa cox 1 year ago


  • Jackle Raid 1 year ago

    Add the backpack mod

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    like jeromes fresh hat check them out there
    17:43 jerome fixes his new hat

  • Kristin Chapin 1 year ago

    you missed a mystery block thingy

  • Kid Perfect 1 year ago

    Why won’t u get the diamonds

  • ThunderStorm 1 year ago

    I don’t like this Jerome can u go back to ur normal way of doing this? PLEASE like the video if u agree

  • ThunderStorm 1 year ago


  • Brendah h 1 year ago

    Jerome You Past Diamonds at the start

  • Thomas A 1 year ago

    how are you

  • AbsurdMee 1 year ago

    Jerome friend me in Roblox and we can play project pokemon together and I will give you some pokemon! I’m AbsurdMee

  • Hector Tapia 1 year ago

    Wooooaaaah no tewty this is weird

  • Adrian 1 year ago

    Sub me and i ll subs you back

  • Kevin Tran 1 year ago

    More ark pls so good!

  • 22Selden Neff 1 year ago

    Hey JeromeASF when are you gonna stream H4M next cause last time you had created the bacca bank

    edit: You also missed 4 veins of diamonds

  • marwan elsoukkary 1 year ago

    you missed so many diamonds it triggered me

  • DiegoTheGamerTV 1 year ago

    Jerome I think everyone can agree that u need to bring back team crafted

  • Itz Dibs 1 year ago

    blackhole pet also slowa down projectiles

  • WhyDoesGoogleLetYouHaveALongName L.O.L. 1 year ago

    Wanna hear a joke?


  • Tad Pantaleoni 1 year ago

    Who here remembers Betty the axe? Like and reply please

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