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Duncan tries out his new spell on me while I finish my inferno spell! Previous Episode: https:// Next episode: Coming Soon! Subscribe …

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  • Benboyreview 5 years ago

    Plz can u sub to me and help me get my dream of 50 subs?

  • Cian George 5 years ago

    Hannah lives near flux Kim’s house a long way away?

  • ClickAnimalVideos 5 years ago

    Falling stars like Charlie sheen?

  • Dominik Grudel 5 years ago

    what is blizzcon ??

  • YOGSCAST Sjin 5 years ago

    Duncan tries out his new spell on me while I finish my inferno spell!?

  • minerbroscreeper 5 years ago

    I thinks starfall and the other one are just visuals. Duncans does so much
    due to the lightning damage but otherwise i dont think it does anything?

  • Elliot Lewis 5 years ago

    Duncans “starfall” is amazing against both players and mobs, the only
    reason it seemed to do little damage is because all ars magica bosses have
    a damage cap of 7 per hit. But any other mob it would tons of damage. In
    Duncans spell starstrike happens ~5 times, each star does 32 damage, 5 X 32
    = 160 + all the lightning damage could equal 200+. Also technically each
    time a star seems to fall there’s actually three but unfortunately due to
    minecrafts stupid timeout after each hit those other two stars do nothing.
    If they did the spell would do ~550 damage. oh and did i mention starstrike
    being magic damage is amour piercing so it could kill any normal player 10
    times over with any amour, or even ridgedog at least twice over with his
    huge health and best amour in the game. It OP as hell.?

  • SharkShocker 5 years ago

    Jeez im the one who suggested starfall but do they give a fan credit
    nooooo…. *sigh*?

  • Craft Gaming - Drayna and ice 5 years ago

    The Great and Powerful Duncan, Watch in Amazement as he Summons Great Stars
    to the Ground. Still a better show wizard than Trixie.?

  • Art Lailey 5 years ago


  • TheWyot 5 years ago

    sjin should put ignite on his spell?

  • 1974ADREW 5 years ago

    Lol. 9+10=21?

  • OxyGeass 5 years ago

    Damn tower which houses all their magic shit, and they still climb ladders
    up and down. Elevator blocks are at least be seen as magical in concept.?

  • Dave Exclamation Mark Yognaught 5 years ago

    Loved the video.?

  • Jakub Šebek 5 years ago

    I like how the spells are actually pvp and pve :D ?

  • theoneandonly 5 years ago

    still trying to figure out why rhythian is undesirable number one when he
    doesn’t even seem to play minecraft any more, surely ridge and all his
    magical shenanigans warrants a place up there, or at least on the wanted

  • Alexandre Jennnison 5 years ago

    you know sjin, duncan is also doing flux buddies and it like EVIL?

  • Dom Beasley 5 years ago

    It’s probs the armour preventing fire damage?

  • Cal D 5 years ago

    By the looks of it the nature guardian has a damage cap of 7, so that is
    why Duncan was not destroying them?

  • glorius HumBug 5 years ago

    Sjin shoud add penetrate or the thing that goes trouth armour?