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Minecraft Build off – McDONALDS HOUSE vs BURGER


Minecraft video



  • Little PitaGaming 1 year ago

    Hi ropo

  • Dharun 1 year ago

    Little Ropo is 100/100

  • Faith Robertson 1 year ago

    tiny turtle wins

  • Little Elly Belly 1 year ago


  • Cookie Cutie 1 year ago


  • Phoebe Brown 1 year ago

    It’s really poo because I don’t stupid hey and been to what time need turtle done so I might go there one-day

  • Dylan Wilson 1 year ago

    Little ropo

  • Mohd rosnee Abdul 1 year ago

    ROPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nico Del Rosario 1 year ago

    Mc donalds

  • Andy King 1 year ago

    Little li

  • Austin Wheeler 1 year ago

    u – kay – shu. is how you say it.

  • minecraft master 123091 1 year ago

    Ropo keep the good job

  • Laura Ogden 1 year ago

    Little Ropo well win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trudy Hallowell 1 year ago

    MacDonalds all the way!

  • Ellis Dwyer 1 year ago

    Mncdondls is the best in the world

  • KJ The LEGENDARY 1 year ago

    i am going save your video

  • Hailey Gregory 1 year ago


  • Karla Lewandowski 1 year ago

    Burger King is better in my opinion.

  • Jenna SouthStar101 1 year ago


  • Nicole Burton 1 year ago

    Ropo win

  • Md Mit 1 year ago


  • anna2110 1 year ago

    Und nhdmdgf,snsnxnxvxxngxbxbchc die ich habe jetzt mal eine neue Nachricht für den Fall dass ich mich auch nicht so viel Geld

  • Amanda Womack 1 year ago

    Mc donals

  • Amanda Womack 1 year ago


  • Gabriela Castro 1 year ago


  • Gabriela Castro 1 year ago

    just because I like McDonalds

  • Gabriela Castro 1 year ago

    but little lizard is a little grety

  • Gabriela Castro 1 year ago


  • Gabriela Castro 1 year ago

    and too has the American flag

  • Jenny Fields 1 year ago

    Tiny turtle no affence

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