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Welcome to Minecraft MEGA Modded Survival with Minecraft Universe. Today we work a little bit with the Tinker’s Construct Mod as well as a few other mods. We also get to meet a new friend……

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  • TJ Infinite 3 years ago

    Hey Jason, here’s a helpful tip: Manyullyn is a combination of two ores
    smelted in the Smeltery, Cobalt and Ardite. This is where things get
    complicated. Both are mined at a level higher than diamond, so a diamond
    pick won’t do. Some higher level ore should be accessible, such as Mithril.
    If that wasn’t enough, Cobalt and Ardite are only found in the Nether and
    are quite rare. I’d recommend finding a way to fly to make it easier on
    yourself. Also, assuming Twilight Forest is installed, you should go their
    for a all your Metallurgy needs. Trust me, it’ll be a big help. Hope you
    read this. Things are gonna get complicated… ?

  • TheMobassasinator 3 years ago

    Up grade you texture pack from 16 bit to 64 or 32 bit pls?

  • Shawn Perkins 3 years ago

    You should begin to utilize the morph mod. Its relatively simple and most
    morphs give you a special ability. For example, a squid morph gives you the
    ability to move fast and i believe breathe in the water. Sheep allow you to
    eat grass to refill your own hunger. With the spider morph, you have the
    ability to climb all surfaces. This mod is very simple and would take you
    almost no time so it would be helpful and useful make things easier.?

  • aj possum 3 years ago

    Make a paper crossbar for your sword it makes it have more modifiers also
    ad quarts and pig iron is one of the strongest and most damaging of all the
    alloys amd add auto regen which is a moss ball (crafted by 4 mossy cobble
    in a square) modifier hope you find this use full?

  • Pig Luva 3 years ago

    You crafted with the stone middle piece for your rabier?

  • Minecraft Universe 3 years ago

    Episode 4 is here! Drop a ‘Like’ if you guys are enjoying the series and
    want to see MORE!?

  • Eduardo Barrera 3 years ago

    Can’t you make string out of wool? Also try making a farm so you can have
    infinite food.?

  • kenzo kipp 3 years ago

    The rapier ignores armor and does less attack damage than a iron sword?

  • Raider Fader 3 years ago

    Use a paper hilt or crossbar for more modifiers, add quarts for more
    damage, use moss for auto repairing in daylight, and finally I think you
    can use a nether star or a gold block and a diamond for additional

  • TykeiTv 3 years ago

    Hey Jason, you could make aluminium brass by mixing copper and aluminium in
    the smeltery. Aluminium brass can make cast (its less costly than gold)?

  • crashgamer 3 years ago

    it… chicken crash you don’t have too just having a laugh?

  • Gil Tillman 3 years ago

    your mod pack wont open for me?

  • Energy Turd 3 years ago

    You Should use the rapier all the time because you can replace the parts
    that will give it a higher damage and more durability. Also when you get a
    certain amount of kills it will get a special ability like smite,
    sharpness, auto repair, life steel, etc. Also to get auto repair you need
    moss that can be obtained from mossy cobblestone and mossy stone brick.?

  • Jaden Chanberlain 3 years ago

    Is mincraft comes alivein that mod pack because if so you should get a wife

  • 3DGuyCraft HD 3 years ago

    do you pls make a tutorial how to download this mod pack
    i dont know how to install this cool mod pack pls tell me?

  • Ryan Tan 3 years ago

    Thaumium tool rod
    Paper crossbar
    Manyllun sword blade

    Hardened flux Capacitator

    Nether star

    Notch Apple
    Diamond block

    Gold block

    The rest Quartz

    We know how to Tinker construct it is you who needs to go read up?

  • APKluj 3 years ago

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    go. They are useful for transportation instead up using room of stairs or
    wasting sticks on ladders elevators r good. PLZ SEE THIS IT WOULD MEAN

  • Jaden Chanberlain 3 years ago

    I enjoy long episodes ?

  • MCBeastGamer 3 years ago

    Where do you find a cow with no legs? Right where you left it.
    Like if you get that ;) ?

  • Potato Master 3 years ago

    Hey Jason, you should do a webcam with that *cough BEAUTIFUL cough* face of
    yours :3
    Oh and I love the videos!?