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The Challenge Games begin and we must destroy a


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 11 months ago

    Sorry for the lack of vids guys!! Figured we would toss out the series most of you guys like the best today! Enjoy!

  • Duds Lol 10 months ago

    Who else checked to see if 7 hour caffeine was there.

  • Mickey Mouse 10 months ago

    Popularmmos stop playing minecraft now because I used to like you but now I hate minecraft so stop playing it.You suck Popularmmos now

  • schanday000 10 months ago

    hey Pat and Jen craft beacons instead of opening a lucky block to get it.

  • Evan castle 10 months ago

    pat jen u guys r awesome

  • Give bob burgers

  • Hanako Satashi 10 months ago

    That intro is still so sick

  • Keiran Mancheno 10 months ago

    it’s like Jen took five DAY energy instead of five hour energy

  • BinFire528 - 10 months ago

    I cant beleive they have never searched for an anti pvp mod of some sort or maybe even a plugin if that works on lan

  • Ken Kill 10 months ago

    I miss you pat and jen I haven’t seen one of your videos in weeks

  • TheGoldTower 10 months ago

    “It’s a flish!” Jen 2017

  • Sam Errington 10 months ago

    you should do this but fight whatever comes out of an orespawn unlucky block and open them to see what mobs get ou

  • Jay Plater 10 months ago

    Popularmmos you could have made enderchestes

  • Aves and Bug 10 months ago

    why does he always say would be the winner?

  • TLChkn 10 months ago

    Noooo I can’t eat bananas I’m allergic!

    1 like= 1 non-allergenic banana for me

  • Wyatt Carney 10 months ago

    the second lucky potion was pats

  • Nitsa Michaelidou 10 months ago

    hi I’m Eliana I LOVE YOU OHH AND JEN (I love you JEN don’t show this to Patrick)

  • luke2070 luke2070 10 months ago


  • TLChkn 10 months ago

    AZ is from pokemon

  • CoolMadi17 10 months ago

    Jen amazing pic of a mermaid. I don’t know how pat couldn’t see it

  • Slo mo Quicksilver 10 months ago

    Leave a like if you think jeans drawing is way better than pats

  • Jaylea Holloway 10 months ago

    Jen is a great block artist

  • DeeBAe 10 months ago

    +PopularMMOs why don’t you get the chainsaw (i think) that destroys the grass then play on that save and you won’t have any complaints about the grass

    Also save unlucky potions for when you open a block and need to kill something for its armour and items

  • Isaiah Cooke 10 months ago

    You could not do beder than me so you be Quiet

  • pokster man 10 months ago

    do hydra plz!

  • Pandanix 271 10 months ago

    pat can you do the lucky block challenge

  • Pandanix 271 10 months ago


  • Paige Clemmons 10 months ago

    that second position was Pat’s

  • Deathmare 10 months ago

    Jens mermaid looked like a snail that’s shell is unfinished

  • Megan Sachtjen 10 months ago


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