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Minecraft video



  • Ryan Carrasco 9 months ago

    I am crying hahah

  • 47trea 9 months ago

    Ok… But who else sits or stands after wiping!?

  • jpeg2525 9 months ago

    Sometimes your topics are way too funny! Lol

  • GabroGames Craft 9 months ago

    O my god

  • Verruckter Schakal 9 months ago

    Lmfao. This video, my sides are straight split

  • Dagoth_Bob 9 months ago

    Women *say* there is “too big”, but ya know.

  • kjemradio 9 months ago


  • kjemradio 9 months ago

    The worst are the troughs we have to piss in! A lot of stadiums have those.

  • Ruarc88 9 months ago

    Not sure if bad mic makes this funnier or not

  • Julius 9 months ago

    Guude I think the villagers will congregate near the village centre which is calculated based on all the valid doors in the area so that might be why they ignore some houses completely :

  • animeking1357 9 months ago

    It always a gamble watching Guude as to whether or not I’m gonna have to bury my face in my hands. Traumatized after this episode.

  • Batcheeba Batcheeba 9 months ago

    Wow. You guys leaves me crying with laughter.

  • Reprimize 9 months ago

    Clearly, we have on this day reached the pinnacle of Minecraft commentary. Looool.

  • phennec 9 months ago

    Oh man. Hahaha. And I always thought women had it bad in relation to public restrooms, having to wait in line forever. I clearly had no idea. :D

  • scruff 9 months ago

    When I worked in a bar we used ice in the urinals to keep the piss smell down.

  • Mary Bell 9 months ago

    As a woman I feel like I am learning so much.

  • PabloBlue8 9 months ago

    During my clinicals for emt training the first patient I saw had a broken dick and I went on to see many other.

  • Dylan Davis 9 months ago

    Guude im going to tell you something when i was in highschool i sat down to use the facilities and i hadnt realised my dick was on the rim and i started to pee and it went allover my pants i typed this before jeff started talking but i didnt want to backspace and remove my comment

  • France French 9 months ago

    One word for JS19 ”CREEEEEEEP”

  • Dylan Davis 9 months ago

    I’ve actually been told my dick is to big by a woman because when i’m erect my dick is more than a little bigger than a healthy woman’s wrist so their is a to big

  • mind_combatant 9 months ago

    oh man, talking about games to play in urinals reminds me that someone once made a kickstarter for an electronic gaming device to put in urinals. look up “kickstarter nonstarters: wee motion controls” for some riffing on it.

  • Gamin' All Night 9 months ago

    America is really f***ing weird.

  • lee mccraw 9 months ago

    Jeff the prince of penis’s

  • Yenastuundepaspris55 9 months ago

    ( 9:30 ) Sooo… Audio going to hell there, for everyone or just me ?

  • Kento10 9 months ago

    well we know where this audio is from

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