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More Minecraft on Mindcrack! Guano has a home and


Minecraft video



  • Stanley Jones 10 months ago

    Home is where the pants are .

  • DIZE DIZENTER 10 months ago


  • Red Builds 10 months ago

    Great vid! Liked and subscribed could you do the same for me? Thanks!

  • Whicker493 10 months ago

    Gotta tell Jeff to stop telling stories without satisfying conclusions. There was also the whole IT person at the Hospital too.

  • samtherat6 10 months ago

    lol i’m indian, i ain’t risking tipping anything less than 15% even if they don’t serve me my food

  • McKay Colleni 10 months ago

    Just last weekend I went to eat at a Denny’s around 4 in the afternoon (so I obviously wasn’t expecting anything special) but had by far the worst service in my whole life. It was my girlfriend and I plus two of her friends, and we were one of 5 groups that were eating. Me and one girl got pankake breakfasts and my girlfriend and her other friend got burgers. My girlfriend got a veggie burger because we are going vegan and she wanted to try their vegan options. They messed up both of our breakfasts so we had to send them back to be fixed, then my girlfriend got served a mozzarella bacon burger. When she told them she’s vegan and asked to fix her order they took the plate and brought back a veggie burger with all of her toppings wrong, with the same, now cold, fries on the same plate, which was still covered in cheese. They still hadn’t brought the other friends burger, and then brought another breakfast dish for her and left right after dropping it off on the table. So we called for the waitress and got her to get the burger we ordered, the whole time blaming her manager and cooks. When she finally got burger out we had to ask for the manager who took another ten minutes to come out and who seemed very annoyed and uninterested. He finally agreed to comp the burgers because neither of them had an appetite any more, and gave a tiny discount on the two breakfast plates. And the whole hour and a half we were there they did not fill up our water or coffee once.

  • knus1959 10 months ago

    Hi Guude :) If you like Japanese food, you should try Okonomiyaki….. it’s a kind of food pancake….. and you can easily make them by your self. I was a professional chef in many years, (before i vent on pension) and i did learn a lot of different food from all over the world, when i was working in 5 years as an employee in Maersk Line, after my education as a chef. Even the Philippine dish like Chicken Adobo. :)

  • Immindragon 10 months ago

    The purpose of a tip is to reward good service. *Why* would you tip terrible service?

  • Phaota 10 months ago

    I’d definitely get the manager on that waiter’s butt for his stupidity and don’t tip for bad service.

  • Denkar11 10 months ago

    Bay scallops are the little tiny ones. Sea scallops are the great big ones and are muuuuch better.

  • Sakana McLetsbuild 10 months ago

    My fave type of food is grilled. Grill it and I will be there. lol.

  • Sam Sproul 10 months ago

    did he say “this girl ive been dating”?????????????????????????

  • TheTorne81 10 months ago

    @Jeff , After them not mentioning things you should have talked to a manager…

  • Jesus, guys… you did leave me hungry.
    Was literally fine when I started and my stomach was growling and brain twisting away by the end. :P
    Thanks… *disappointed*

  • Breon Nagy 10 months ago

    Teppanyaki is a style of cooking. Benihana is a popular teppanyaki restaurant chain.

  • Lagraig O'Moof 10 months ago

    No meat? Grab the guy by the collar tips and scream “MEEEEEEAT!” at him. If that doesn’t work, hey, at least you tried.

  • Luke Silventino 10 months ago

    “This girl I’ve been dating” – Heart beats 20000x faster

  • popsicle33 10 months ago

    3100 views in less than a day…. Must be the VIDEOS!!!!!!!

  • Hey Guude,
    I have been a long time watcher, and I just resubbed. Back in 2014ish I would watch ur videos everyday and i loved them. I really hope everything is going guude with you and ur channel. Best of luck to you my dude

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