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Awesome Server: Likes/Comments are appreciated! Wanna check out this awesome minecraft add on?! Here it is! Soon2012 Channels: h…

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  • CrazeeCorbin 3 years ago

    1369 more? likes

  • Luis Lituma 3 years ago

    #Tys? foot

  • xLiammmHD 3 years ago

    Check out ShankzyMC on? youtube Hes AMAZING!!

  • adampeters892 3 years ago

    Shhh be vewr vewr? quiet im hunting wabbits hehehehe

  • shyam sharma 3 years ago


  • Rachel Osborn 3 years ago

    For people with problems:
    - You need to install them in order: Optifine, Shaders and then Shaders packs.
    - Make sure you have the right optifine (the Ultra and latest version).
    - The right shaders version.
    - If you have forge you need to install FIRST of all FORGE THEN every thing else.
    - Delete META-INF folder.
    - You? install the shaders, then the packs go to? the shaders pack folder (it will apear after the first minecraft restart).
    - You need minecraft 1.5.2!

  • Vikki Roxz 3 years ago

    it’s the faithful venom something texture? pack and also shaders mod i think.

  • Bozidar Jocic 3 years ago

    Why did they broke? up please tell us what hapend

  • TheSlydeathman 3 years ago

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  • wooseungjun2002 3 years ago


  • Corey Newman 3 years ago

    Save the? bunny

  • iLure 3 years ago

    f you already started reading this please dont stop.

    I do MC videos and i post them daily,always in HD,its really hard to get noticed on Youtube,and all i want i? just to check me out.

    I know a lot of people will call me a spammer,but i am not i just want to get a decent amount of subscribers on youtube.

    Thank you so much for reading? this, and please just like this comment,it would make my day :D

  • wolfgang4376 3 years ago


  • Digginminecraft 3 years ago

    add? me on skype!!!!!!

  • Thefluffybacca1 3 years ago


  • TheGenericBrit 3 years ago

    what shaders pack is? this?

  • Vikki Roxz 3 years ago

    no? it’s #tysfoot

  • redeem714 3 years ago


  • Sanita Busmane 3 years ago


  • ??? ????? 3 years ago

    ??????? ?????