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Awesome Server: Likes/Comments are appreciated! Wanna check out this awesome minecraft add on?! Here it is!


Minecraft video


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  • linn olausson 1 year ago


  • TheDeadwolf11 1 year ago

    he said at the end of the vidio: see you all next year

  • pipookokgaming raz 1 year ago

    Plz don’t stop whit making videos

  • Jolinlin101 1 year ago

    hi deadlox! why jokes? and wat u mean?

  • adamenglandaj 1 year ago


  • Jolinlin101 1 year ago

    my profile picture is my painting of minecraft skins I download, ill make a video out of it soon!

  • madison fong 1 year ago

    Do an irl video also tell hellwind tht

  • Kovu66 1 year ago

    Lol we’ll see you next year xD frogbaka means frog idiot xD LOL I love you Ty!

  • SuperExtremeOwnage 1 year ago

    or u made this video in 2012 and are releasing it this year :o 

  • Hayk Asatryan 1 year ago


  • Mohd Khuzairi 1 year ago

    At the end there is The squid swimming

  • Jolinlin101 1 year ago


  • Mercy Ochoa-Dugoy 1 year ago

    Lol in the end because of the jokes about seeing us next year. Listen carefully!

  • sodo88skysfan 1 year ago

    u guys should make a video that seto with batman skin and mukdipz with bane voice :D

  • TheMinecraftGirl333 1 year ago

    Hay everyone if you like building you should check my channel out im only young so go easy on me plz. thanks :P like so others can see plz

  • Blueflamez MC 1 year ago

    Hey deadlox next cop and robber can you do thing crazy :3

  • NotoriousRenny 1 year ago

    Jolinlin101 is a pheg

  • Brad Lindsay 1 year ago

    You are awesome

  • karatecam7 1 year ago

    Deadlox has the best outro of any youtuber.

  • Rio De'jenrp 1 year ago

    Hahaha u scared me 4 a minute!