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Awesome Server: Likes/Comments are appreciated! Wanna check out this awesome minecraft add on?! Here it is!


Minecraft video


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  • Mike Palinkas 3 years ago

    Damn you? mudkip

  • Alex Thompson 3 years ago


  • Soarified 3 years ago

    #tysfoot we? need it

  • ???? ??????? 3 years ago

    you aim? 5000 like …

  • RoloThe23rd 3 years ago

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  • MinecrafterAwesome12 3 years ago

    Ty’s foot cures cancer ?

  • Skyhawkmc 3 years ago


  • MrHomeShoe 3 years ago

    #Ty’s foot?

  • GamerStar105 3 years ago


  • Dominic Gomez 3 years ago

    sky? was talking about youre foot and somebotey taking it when youre asleep

  • Lachlan Roberts 3 years ago

    Ty’s? left foot

  • Mike Palinkas 3 years ago

    Oh god u guys are? funny

  • Kj Dingle 3 years ago

    Ty a server I play on some 1 is? saying that I have tys foot ? I give the ip soon

  • Edwin Park 3 years ago

    Give me dat foot?

  • Jarryd Lehne 3 years ago

    #ty’s foot 2013?

  • zoomsnowgear Mc 3 years ago

    deadlox,s skype? is skaterwolf1

  • Kj Dingle 3 years ago

    BTW my name on it is therider456 I have 3 butter block’s oh and some 1 has a deadlox derp skin its so lol I will a pic for? Twitter

  • Izaiah Jackson 3 years ago

    #Ty’s? foot

  • Reducedfun 3 years ago

    #tysfoot, #bodilsabitch?

  • stop4himleh 3 years ago