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Awesome Server: Likes/Comments are appreciated! Wanna check out this awesome minecraft add on?! Here it is! Channel…


Minecraft video


Minecraft servers toplist

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  • 3D Galaxy 11 months ago

    Deadlox Fite Me IRL. lol You gud Bro.

  • AussieOwned 11 months ago

    Hey guys, if you dont like this stuff, please ignore this comment. I recently started my youtube channel, and do minecraft survival games, and am going to be doing alot of minecraft minigames in the future (in 1080p). I’m always open to suggestions! So if you have some spare time, feel free to come check out my channel.

  • simbey1301 11 months ago

    Did u break ur foot

  • shorttanguy808 11 months ago


  • Cristopher Aguilar 11 months ago

    Superb WHOAAA! Minecraft account for FREEEE on this page, take one NOW! ->\premium <-

  • Uzumki Naruto 11 months ago

    Hell o dis is bruce man i mean bat wane i mean shit

  • Poseidon5Ckw 11 months ago


  • 223Nightmare 11 months ago

    Hi, i’m 223Nightmare and I am a small youtuber. I play and make Minecraft videos
    I play fun minigames, Survivals and Adventure maps.
    It would mean the world to me if you could watch a couple of vids, and subscribe if you enjoy ;) .
    Thanks for reading ;)

  • Irock99583 11 months ago


  • BellaTheGoldenMinecrafter 11 months ago

    *Gives Cookie*

  • simbey1301 11 months ago

    I heard something from sky

  • abrayko22 11 months ago

    Hashtag get it

  • Amanda Fawley 11 months ago

    #treelox/guy with a lot of faces/ranter/changed skin/deadlox is drunk?

  • puplover227 11 months ago

    Ty: You know who you are? Your Peter Parker Me: LOL xD I can’t breathe

  • EzPzJoystiq 11 months ago

    Apologies for advertising this here, i am currently running a competition on my channel, the 2 winners get Crysis 2, no strings, no sub needed,all you have to do is watch my weekly competition video and leave your answer in the comments, i currently have a lot of duplicate games from previous Humble Bundles etc and wanted to give them away, rather than let them go to waste, hence my weekly game giveaway, apologies again if this upset anyone and good luck if you enter.

  • Thomas Gransden 11 months ago

    Same bro

  • Rannon Moyer 11 months ago

    awesome video deadlox and sky

  • Cristopher Aguilar 11 months ago

    YES baby! Minecraft account for FREEEE only a few left, get one QUICK! >>\premium <<

  • Seraphine Frost 11 months ago

    Both Ty and Sky are crazy and Sky is the one that asks if Ty’s on drugs?! ….. lol

  • Elise enderdragon 11 months ago

    Sky: r r u on drugs?
    Me: XD