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Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 9 months ago

    Lots of new fun mobs, and one amazing one for Jen!! Enjoy guys! I will be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • Izabella Cornejo 9 months ago

    pat and jen your cat is so cute

  • Maciej Kaczmarek 9 months ago

    I remember the tower boss I don’t even if is still in minecraft

  • adel west 9 months ago

    The spider pig thats pink looks like a helicopter when it glides

  • lps lover 9 months ago

    I subsctibed

  • Boomboozled 9 months ago


  • Sophia Belk 9 months ago

    Hi Pat and Jen I love your channel so much, I can’t stop watching it and even though you probably won’t see this comment I wanted to comment it anyway because you are amazing.

  • Tammy Breymeyer 9 months ago

    Spider pig spider pig does what ever spider pig does can he swing from a Web no he can’t he’s a pig watch out is spider pig

  • Elysha Bromham 9 months ago

    I love you guys so much it the best

  • Victoria Banister 9 months ago

    Its unfair because Jen went and hid in rooms but pat didn’t

  • Dabbing squid ward What up 9 months ago

    While watching this I got a as About monster Legends and they apparently added you Pat

  • Jomanan Shaban 9 months ago

    at the creeper part I thought One said TU-FU

  • harimunan 9 months ago

    ##That pat #Failure

  • Parrot ! 9 months ago

    Pat and Jen should use this in the next epic proportions!

  • David Tran 9 months ago


  • H20 Killer boss 9 months ago

    When pigs fly

  • Joaquin Ramirez 9 months ago

    Bad news slime get more of it it with a creeper in hell

  • Addy Parise 9 months ago

    Jen her dream came true riding a pink Spider pig

  • Kevin Hernandez 9 months ago

    I don’t know what to comment

  • Pokemaster Nick 9 months ago

    First Enderman skeleton was obv an axe murderer.

  • Nanz Gonz 9 months ago

    Spider pig looks so EPIC

  • ClaurusCraft 9 months ago

    I love the Spider Pig!❤

  • yogi b 9 months ago

    you gus are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle Prizer 9 months ago

    good luck with your friends okay good job Jan.

  • TheDragonSlayer248 9 months ago

    Use the blaze in the challenge games and the spider guardian

  • abdulwahab ahmad 9 months ago

    I need the gun mod

  • TheDragonSlayer248 9 months ago

    Put the ender golem in challenge games

  • The James 9 months ago

    Spider Pig Spider Pig can do whatever a spider Pig can Spins a web catches people just like flies!

  • Flow ey 9 months ago

    Did you notice on the thumbnail that Jen has 3 legs

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