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According to a new report, Warner Bros is in talks with their pick for director on the Minecraft movie. News By: Ashley Jenkins Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins Music By: @EvGres at…


Minecraft video



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  • Bleddyn John 5 years ago

    Why the fuck, would you want to make a Minecraft movie!? Little kids must
    be going insane right now.?

  • Karkat Vantas 5 years ago

    I like how a Minecraft movie and Tetris movie is being pushed , and yet we
    ain’t hearing about a deep portal movie , or halo movie or uncharted….

    It’s a seriously big money grab.?

  • ReNeDoG23 5 years ago

    Someone tell me how can they make blocky sandbox game into a movie. Even
    with Lego for blocks but that’s still makes no sense. Just how will they
    will make will surprise me. And besides it will probably suck since the
    game has no story since it is a sandbox.?

  • Blink Rush 5 years ago

    Why would u make a minecraft movie tho?

  • Rich Mahogany 5 years ago

    Why, oh god why can’t we get a really serious director to direct a really
    serious video game movie? Idk what jj Abrams is thinking for the portal and
    half life movies, but they can’t come soon enough?

  • Sobhy Hajji 5 years ago

    Does that mean we will get “Minecraft the Movie the Game”? Because if so, I
    really really hope it gets ported to Windows phone like the original game!?

  • Crallium 5 years ago

    But… Why?

    Oh, right, money. It doesn’t matter if the idea makes sense, as long as a
    bunch of people go see it based solely off of being obsessed with the
    game. ?

  • thomasmodelseries 5 years ago

    I still don’t know how they’re going to make a minecraft movie. I mean with
    lego at least they had a ton of stuff to work with, characters, settings
    etc. Minecraft…. not so much?

  • CorrosiveGamers 5 years ago

    A movie on this game makes no sense. Well yet again there is a movie being
    made for Tetris, fuck logic.?

  • DuskyPredator 5 years ago

    I watched an animated youtube series that show there is stuff to do.
    One called the N00b adventures follows players going on a server
    interacting with a griefer with admin powers. Another is Mob Squad, which
    follows the monsters interacting with the block moving, animal breeding and
    then killing, and creepy, Steve.

    Taking into consideration how it is played, social interaction, and
    community jokes, there is material.?

  • Down Cast 5 years ago

    I want AH to do it?

  • chase m 5 years ago

    every single rumor you guys post is always true so look out for a minecraft
    movie guys;)?

  • MLG Potato 5 years ago

    Theres so many other, better games that deserve movies way more than
    minecraft, and they would be such good movies! So why the hell does
    minecraft get one? Probably for the money… All the kiddies will go see
    it… Its the perfect idea to grab money.?

  • Adam - Smasher 5 years ago

    I’d prefer to see no one in the chair because this is a stupid ca$h grab
    video game movie.?

  • Allie-RX 5 years ago

    Coming soon: Minecraft: The Movie: The Game?

  • Adam Lawrence 5 years ago

    How can they make a movie of a game that has no fucking story or lore to
    begin with. If there is a few games that deserve a movie adaptation it’s
    the last of us, Gears of War, Halo, Uncharted etc. ?

  • Gemstone Alchemist 5 years ago

    If this movie doesn’t take cues from the Achievement Hunter Let’s Plays,
    it’s going to suck.?

  • Blazekingz 5 years ago

    minecraft movie…….Wha?
    how does the game without a story get a movie??

  • Taskmaster 5 years ago

    lol what if it’s live action? xD?

  • The DarthChief 5 years ago

    I think a Minecraft movie would only work if it is animated.?