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Mad scientist and teacher extraordinaire Duncan returns to Nano’s Village! What will he build? Next Episode: https://


Minecraft video


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  • GodzillaPlaysMinecraft 5 years ago

    Who else noticed the fireworks in the background at 14:48??

  • DarkGrif 5 years ago

    Madhacks would be better suited with the RF mod on it than the auto
    repair. The “industrial” tools like that from Tinkers are usually used too
    much to benefit from auto repair.?

  • Baldrickthecat 5 years ago

    I can’t wait for Lewis to join and build something :) :) :) ?

  • O.R.C Gaming -Orbit, Recon, Combat 5 years ago

    Oh dear, duncan and sjin in the same place.?

  • Rob on Duty (mewelchman) 5 years ago

    was i the only one who saw a firework in the distance??

  • IHaTeD2 5 years ago

    Why not a nuclear power plant using big reactors?
    That would be pretty useful as well.?

  • puppypup2000 5 years ago

    does anyone notice that poison ivy only does 2 hearts of damage??

  • ExSpectre 5 years ago

    ‘Natural Top To The House’ Beware what happened to Panda’s I mean Tree’s

  • Rupesh Odedra 5 years ago

    anyone else love nano’s village?!?!??

  • YOGSCAST Kim 5 years ago

    Duncan moves in to Nano’s Village! What will he build??

  • ZeroKitsunei 5 years ago

    What res does Kim play on? Her hud is is so tiny.?

  • David Osunkwo 5 years ago

    Does digging count as building something?
    If not, then sorry Simon?

  • yoshi magit 5 years ago

    Did anyone else notice the firework going off in the far distance between
    the trees at 14:50-14:51? Kim said it was her private server so unless
    zombies are having a party lol they arnt alone. Either that or our little
    Kimmy has grow up and learned to lie to us…and…hold on, tearing up…?

  • tayyib chaudry 5 years ago

    Why is Kim’s ui so small ?

  • NerdElementalOfGaming 5 years ago

    Watching Duncan build things is always interesting in some way. But that’s
    just because he’s the only creative member of the Yogscast. Everyone else
    is really linear. I mean, all Lewis and Simon do is build factories. But
    with Duncan, it’s always something new. Whether it’s a Spaceport, a
    medieval castle, or a magical nature reserve. ?

  • TG ZoBo 5 years ago

    oh god…what the heck is duncan going to do with qCraft???

  • Atomic Buu 5 years ago

    Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a Chris Trott sitting on their head??

  • Bradley Tome 5 years ago

    I think the next guest should be ridgedog. ?

  • ThePandas112 5 years ago

    So trott gave Kim the idea then she killed him and made a hat out of him…
    Are there any going spare??

  • eurodraco 5 years ago

    Nano’s Village #11 – Welcome Duncan
    Nano’s Village #12 – Cleaning Up Duncan’s Mess
    Nano’s Village #13 – Banishing Duncan?