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Let’s find out who can build the best in PRO


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 11 months ago

    Today we do the new mode, PRO MODE!! Next time I promise I will use different blocks for a challenge haha

  • Adrianna`s unicorn world 11 months ago

    My aunt tried to friend request u on roblox

  • yisel rivera 11 months ago

    i have your book but i havnt read it the cover looks cool im gonna read it

  • Issaa.Ninja 11 months ago

    9:01 that’s a ruin Roman buildings that got destroyed

  • Ian Bricker 11 months ago

    Does pat know he can change the groundwith the villager

  • Kk LAND 11 months ago

    You are amazing

  • Michael Kangas 11 months ago

    I’ve seen better builds on on normal build battle

  • Issaa.Ninja 11 months ago

    Someone should tell them they can just set the ground as something instead of spamming on the ground

  • Mai Nguyen 11 months ago

    Jerry and harry vs pat and jen who will win

    Sorry pat and jen but jerry and herry have better build skill

  • Arctic Scorpion 11 months ago

    The reason why you guys win evrrytime cuz your popular

  • Mai Nguyen 11 months ago

    How jen in 4 i quess they youtuber so they got fan vote for them

    Not fair

  • LeaguewithDennis 11 months ago

    Use the nether star in your inventory to do cool stuff like changing the floor to water or making banners

  • calbee gamer 11 months ago

    Pat right click the netherstar it will be so much quicker to place block or a water to the block placer just take a block and then place it on the block in the netherstar and you can take colored head’s and design banners

  • Shakem Ellison 11 months ago


  • Chloe Born 11 months ago

    Use the nether star to change the ground

  • poke master101 11 months ago

    Jehenifer lol

  • Oof Oof 11 months ago

    Guys don’t you think it’s weird that he still gets a ton of views most Minecraft YouTube’s have died out ur awsome mmo

  • Chloe Born 11 months ago

    It look irked like a pizza

  • AwesomePerson2 11 months ago

    hi patur my favorite channel pls check out mine I also have subscribed  like 3 years ago

  • sundeep lokuge 11 months ago

    jen puts no effort into her builds , she just makes something silly or funny so people will vote good for her

  • Maria Kutsick 11 months ago

    It turns out the laptop I had Minecraft didn’t work on it. But were sending it back and were getting a new one.

  • Samdeves 11 months ago

    You and jen suck in building

  • Samdeves 11 months ago


  • Maire Riave 11 months ago

    21:28 somebody said Jen do you still like your eight head

  • Ann Healy 11 months ago

    cud u guys hideas th with in hide and seek or play more mario cart in minecraft

  • Antara 13 11 months ago

    you guys should use a fake name or som, so the people who vote dont know its you and they wont be biased

  • Rommona Estrada 11 months ago

    You can gets tap on the conr and there is a book and you can put end y book that and it will chach the gaon to they

  • Vortex Gamez 11 months ago

    I got a headache when you said pro mode no joke lol

  • Joosep Kolk 11 months ago

    What is pat losing

  • Joosep Kolk 11 months ago


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