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A bummer, but also big news For Minecraft Xbox


Minecraft video



  • Wdomino Games & Media 1 week ago

    Faithful 32×32 is detailed way enough for a game as Minecraft.

  • Nerd Plays 1 week ago

    Random question but do fish spawn in your sugarcane farm

  • Mr. Potato bob 1 week ago

    Rather just get faithful 128x no need for paying for he textures(I’m pretty sure u have to pay for the textures

  • Ibraheem Qazi 1 week ago

    700th like
    260th comment
    illuminatii confiremd

  • Arbiter Of demons 1 week ago

    When I have been waiting for 4k on xbox since announced last year?

  • TUBAGUZZ 1 week ago

    Its still block!!

  • Bendy1012222 101 1 week ago

    Minecraft would lose its blocky touch with hd texures

  • The Derp With Subs 1 week ago

    STILL no bedrock for nintendo switch when it’s almost been a year

  • The Emerald Boat 1 week ago

    What do you need so much sugar cane for?

  • PigCat 1 week ago

    What if I told you…

    I have something BIG in my pants…

  • aatkins360 1 week ago

    You think they won’t announce the next update until September 29th?

  • William Giffin 1 week ago

    I love the pureBDcraft

  • Devnith The Gamer 1 week ago

    It’s my birthday

  • Account Name 1 week ago

    Am I the only one wondering why he has so much sugar cane??

  • GamingwithIce 1 week ago

    Super duper grapics?

  • nodnarb power 1 week ago

    In your next video id like to see your sugar plant farm.

  • Dakila Maristela 1 week ago

    Rip Minecraft PS4 community

  • latinflavorxd 1 week ago

    How much will they cost

  • the one115 1 week ago

    Is it for ps4 to?

  • Ruben 0ops 1 week ago


  • tomateLopes 1 week ago

    I just want HD but still pixelated textures. Why they can’t do it? It’s so simple.

  • JUST THAT 1 week ago

    I don’t understand why we need HD texture’s I thought the point of Minecraft was even thing is may out of well piexls an blocks? But i don’t know it just my opinion.

  • MagmaCool ;-; 1 week ago

    Stupid Microsoft is ruining the game omfg

  • dzdju9fh8df 1 week ago

    Honestly, the pc version and ps4 edition is the last known good minecraft’s and always will be. Everything looks like eye candy and feels like true minecraft compared to the xbox one edition, mcpe and windows 10. Water doesnt look like doo doo, doing things doesnt feel like doo doo. Tbh i feel like we went down versions instead of up in quality. Minecraft pe, xbox one and windows 10 feels like straight up 1.0.0.

  • Muhammad putera danish 1 week ago

    I guess next year return minecraft at E3 2019 oh yet that minecraft return next year coming soon

  • Exo Blade Hunter 1 week ago

    2018 = HD
    2030 = 4K
    2099 = 30K
    3013 = Deleting…
    3017 = minecraft 2
    3018 = 50K
    3030 = 70K

  • xXmean_beanXx 1 week ago

    Fortnite is overplayed and minecraft is dead soooo…..

  • Nintendrson 1 week ago

    What’s that worlds seed please share

  • Marx-Chan 1 week ago

    honestly I don’t care about the new blocks and mobs and stuff, I care about the pvp, but HD? Why this isn’t minecraft. Buuut, you can use a texture pack though.

  • claude_j4 1 week ago

    What fov does he lay at?

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