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Minecraft video



  • John Anthony 8 months ago


  • Andreas Lambrou 8 months ago

    I missed this so much but i would recomend you to play something modded but this is still amaizing

  • Gloria Moss Moss 8 months ago

    Hey Meaty and Gunns thanks for sharing this awesome minecraft video with me you guys just don’t know how much and how long I have been waiting for you guys to do minecraft for ever and ever so much I’ve been watching your old minecraft maps and guess what I’m still enjoying them very very much and I wanna thank you for redoing it, now I can laugh once again, I Am So Happy

  • Farhan Beastly Khan 8 months ago

    mc is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jammmm

  • naimi temmar 8 months ago


  • Ranwolfalfa 8 months ago

    Hi Gunns and Meaty. Love your videos. Thank you.

  • Jesse Naill 8 months ago

    Hey yaw it would be better if you make that cobble gen. You can break the one dirt that’s in front of the cobble so that you can get almost all of the cobble.

  • Chris69er 06 8 months ago

    Everyone we are crushing the likes like it’s our J.O.B

  • fabian gorczyca 8 months ago

    do this again please

  • jacob daisy 8 months ago

    People we need 5k likes to get more Minecraft. Smack that like button

  • Cece GameplaysYT 8 months ago

    Like this nowww people for more minecraft!!!!!!

  • dinos mincraft Roblox and more 8 months ago

    Jurassic craft

  • Trevor Doss 8 months ago

    I’m getting kind of worried, it’s only at 4.5k likes…

  • Hannah Neal 8 months ago

    Could you guys do more minecraft

  • Uncle-Gamer Martinx 8 months ago

    So happy I getting to see it now… I was working yesterday I miss it….

  • Purple Baby 8 months ago

    Hi guys sorry we missed your live show but we are watching it now love u guys

  • Nickalas Veren 8 months ago

    Farts are funny

  • Lain Zenitram 8 months ago

    Come on guys, only 400 more likes.

  • LetsPlay gaming 8 months ago

    After watching and playing Minecraft for probably over 2000 hours. I hate listening to the Minecraft music. Anyone else?

  • Jason Randall 8 months ago


  • Joe Gallo 8 months ago

    Wanted to let you know that I have shared this on my Facebook to help out guys.

  • Johnson Hull 8 months ago

    I used to love watching all of Youalwayswin’s minecraft videos! I feel the same way now!

  • 22生きているカイノア 8 months ago

    Can i have boneless pizza

  • Dominic Heath 8 months ago

    Keep it !!!

  • Der Wolf 8 months ago

    Hey what happened to Desolate?

  • Garbear Myers 8 months ago

    Needs like 100 more likes. Currently at 4.9k

  • Leon Suski 8 months ago

    Come on guys press the like button to see more

  • Bo2-Gaming and more 8 months ago

    Wow they barley got there

  • natewesselink 8 months ago

    Whelp, there’s 5K. Another stream incoming.

  • crippled guy 8 months ago

    The first video I understand 5k likes. But we’ve gotten 5k or more on all recent minecraft videos so far!

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