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Today we are racing on this Evil Pink Lucky Block


Minecraft video



  • GryffindorPrideBoi 1 year ago

    YoU sHoUlD uSe ThAt LuCkY bLoCk FoR tHe ChAlLeNgE gAmEs AnD hAvE a SuPeR oP bOsS

    SoRrY i LiKe TyPiNg LiKe ThIs

  • Timothy Evan Widarsono 1 year ago


  • battle brax 1 year ago

    ooh dorito lucky block………. U MUST EAT IT >:3

  • Kara Webb 1 year ago


  • Rose Presume 1 year ago

    19:15 pat is opp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zapaled Zap Zap 1 year ago

    Im iritated by how they only pick armor pieces because of its texture.. the dimension chestplate had better potion effects..

  • Ruhaan Sahni 1 year ago

    Pat, you typed spawpnoint.

  • Thomas McGovern 1 year ago

    More bedwars plzz

  • Htet Arkar Kyaw 1 year ago

    whats your phone

  • Ender Human Gaming 1 year ago

    Go pat! You must win!!

  • Ender Human Gaming 1 year ago

    Yaaaay, pat won!

  • Katie Bear 1 year ago

    Can u get more lucky block mods plz

  • EpicBlogs 666 1 year ago


  • Ling Ling 1 year ago

    You do not need blocks because there is bedrock the air

  • TipsArea 1 year ago

    Broke my phone crushing the like button…

  • Just Audi 1 year ago

    Pat it shouldn’t count if Jen knocks you off and you kept flying back up. It shouldn’t have count

  • Emerson Thornton 1 year ago

    You did not set your spawn point i checked

  • Emerson Thornton 1 year ago

    it is on dude.. lol

  • Anita Walker 1 year ago

    I love you guys

  • Catherine Whitaker 1 year ago

    Pat. U have flight so I think u can fly

  • Raximer Soul 1 year ago

    She was in creative

  • Catherine Whitaker 1 year ago


  • Kawaii Foxy girl 1 year ago

    If you guys get really bored from the long intro like me the skip to 1:57 Pat still tells you to have a nice day it also shows them getting what the got from the chests also skip book reading go to 3:26 :D

  • fierce Dragon 1 year ago

    Bring The Crafting Dead PLSSSSS

  • KITTY COOL #1 1 year ago

    play Roblox plzz

  • Radical Acts 1 year ago

    I forgot wgat the lucky block race was gor a sec YASSS ITS BACK THO

  • miXtreme trejo 1 year ago


  • Eva Chase 1 year ago

    Please bring back the crafting dead! Btw you guys are the best YouTubers ever

  • Tashi Nicole Williams 1 year ago

    Jen is the killer

  • Chloe Shirk 1 year ago


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