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Minecraft video

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  • MrToxicOwner9 4 years ago

    It’s time to wake up ant. Face it, no one likes these boring parkour videos
    and gay little minigames that you upload. This is the reason why you
    haven’t gained any subs in the past year, and why you get 30k views a video?

  • ThorlundMemes 4 years ago

    Ant, I’m sorry, but you have lost it… Many places on the internet people
    state that you dont care about your fans, I didn’t agree with the people
    writing this when I first saw it, but now I’m beginning to agree with
    them… Over the last 3-6 months many of us have been requesting something
    other than boring custom maps, and parkour.. It’s nice once in a while, but
    this is WAY too often. I miss some variety, like other games than just
    Minecraft, and if you want to get your viewers that you have already lost
    back, start playing games that is hot on the market.. Remember when you
    had, interesting things going on? Like on Wednesdays you put out a
    different game than Minecraft, and you had all these series that everyone
    enjoyed, you got around 100-200k views at each video.. Now you can get 60k
    if you’re lucky… Minecraft on Youtube is going downhill, and kids are
    getting other interest… And don’t look at this as negative, this is
    feedback, feedback that probably will help your channel out…?

  • wesley loermans 4 years ago

    123, just a gut feeling…?

  • Cuaroz 4 years ago


  • Kristina Bruce-molitor 4 years ago

    I hate it when people say they are doing a good job at something, i think i
    did a good job expressing my opinion…?

  • ????ö?å?? ? ?ãm?š 4 years ago

    this map is 60% luck 10% Skill and 30% Power of will :D ?

  • Niosi Stone 4 years ago

    How about, 125 because 126 is to mainstream!?

  • themobhunter 4 years ago

    This was just uploaded an hour ago.?

  • DragonGaming 4 years ago

    To all hating on ant, its his channel, stop judging something he doesnt
    want to do and if you dont like it leave. Commenting on something that he
    doesnt enjoy wont do anything i personally enjoy his content very much and
    watch him alot lp or not.

  • Alfie Berry 4 years ago

    I have a great idea for this channel!!!!

    Dislike my most recent video! Get it to 75 dislikes! ?

  • Louis Archer 4 years ago

    Hey Ant, just wanna let you know you are awesome and also could you look
    into playing the escapists? Its on steam and you can read up about it there
    but I just thought it would be interesting for you to play!?

  • Ramster 4 years ago

    Truthfuly ant plz do not do another video on this because this is some of
    the most boring parcore. The idea is amazing but it is bland. No scenery,
    little variety, no action, and honestly bad commentary. Pick a cool topic
    to discuss and not just talk about how difficult the jumps are or how you
    might fall. I really hope you take this to heart and not get too offensive.

  • Primus Sha'aull 4 years ago

    Anyone else play Destiny here? I immediately thought of Pocket Infinity
    when I saw the title lol?

  • Kyla Rivera 4 years ago

    I’m gonna guess around the 70s??

  • Luke ZM 4 years ago

    Like legit around less than 2% of your subscribers are even viewing your

    Good luck ?

  • Diamond Creeper 4 years ago

    I’m guessing 123 necause it’s the sequence and my favorite number?

  • noobtube887 4 years ago

    Hmm id say….. 125 jumps? idk?

  • ULTIMATE-B565 4 years ago

    You will get 100?

  • Edward Hall 4 years ago

    you’ll get to 100 I think.?