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We are playing Morph Hide and Seek as


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 1 week ago

    Hey guys hope you enjoy this one!!

  • Lilla 11 1 week ago

    Dont click on read more!

    (‘x’)im a bunbun


    Long way down huh?

    Wel i said dont click read more
    Now its your fault

    . The end

  • Phone Htet Py 1 week ago

    I love it pat and jen i i love hide a seek very much i like pat is good hider i like jen to be a seerker

  • Marie Hatfield 1 week ago

    Why you always lying oh my God you lying stop your lying

  • shereen elsayed 1 week ago

    OMG! Am I dreaming?Pat? Jen? Writers? Buckle up, I am buying the book! But I am in Egypt

  • Flipping unicorn squad 1 week ago

    Love you guys

  • yelizataveras 1 week ago

    jen always goes first

  • Alfie Atkinson 1 week ago

    I’m problem your biggest fan and I will defenetly get one love your Chanel

  • Susan Nienaber 1 week ago

    Please if you can pat and jen see if you can play pleas

  • Susan Nienaber 1 week ago

    And also I love it so much :)

  • Taylor Blogs 1 week ago

    at 6:59 keep repeating it like a lot and realy fast ur welcome (its funny XD)

  • Carson Robinson 1 week ago

    hump me

  • FORTNITE NOOB 1 week ago


  • Yvonne Jenkinson 1 week ago

    Please do more EPIC PROPORTIONS SEIRIES. Like if you agree.

  • Bill Amo 1 week ago

    First time talking to you guys what’s your phone number

  • Cjay vids 1 week ago

    Dont press read more


  • Potato Lizbeth 1 week ago

    popularmmos sorry i coudenlt watch this yesterday it couse i had to go to church then i stayed there till 8:30 then i had to go buy some things and i had to go to my aunts then i had a sleep over and she makes us go to sleep early and people reading wanting to read more commts good luck getting by this

    not half

    almost there

    congratulations if you made it

  • Luka Pešić 1 week ago

    Jen is not good at hiding pat you are just blind

  • gabriella warso 1 week ago

    Hi pattttt I love you

  • Luka Pešić 1 week ago

    And you are bad at hiding

  • Liam Leathe 1 week ago


  • gilberto montes de oca puig 1 week ago

    I bought ten copys of your book i gave some to homeless peps they hqnd shaked me

  • Twinkle Emzy 1 week ago

    i love this series!!!!

  • Carlisha Mcendree 1 week ago

    Try to snort

  • Anco Pretorius 1 week ago

    I think the pig is fine but not his ears

  • Lottie H 1 week ago

    ‘and as you know it is all for fun’ Pat you lost again

  • Guadalupe Campos 1 week ago

    The crafthing dead

  • Abraham Badal 1 week ago

    jen won thats impressive because she don’t win that much

  • UN Nairne 1 week ago

    Plz hide as a Pugs!<3

  • Obsidian DragonX 1 week ago

    Try using radarfreks TF2 stuff mod
    It adds guns and new bosses (and also the frying pan)

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