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Pixelmon Minecraft Mod Fun! Sjin faces off against the great mine gym leader, but something isn’t quite right! Previous episode: …


Minecraft video


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  • naphackDT 5 years ago

    *not very effective.*
    *it’s super effective!*

    Flawless logic!?

  • Fabio Vieira 5 years ago

    Cloyster is ice, Duncan, you put a ice pokemon vs a fire pokemon… LOL?

  • TehWhiteTiger 5 years ago

    Simon unintentionally used a good strategy of using swagger and iron head
    together for paraflinch xD.?

  • YOGSCAST Duncan 5 years ago

    Sjin faces off against the great mine gym leader, but something isn’t quite

  • Manrulz34 5 years ago

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    financially stable and I want to help them by chasing my passion.
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  • HalePlaysHD - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Great episode! Loving it so far!?

  • ClickAnimalVideos 5 years ago

    This took far to long to come out?

  • Ignis Shre 5 years ago

    do you pretend to be this bad or do you just pretend? Sjin is supposed to
    be someone who plays a lot of pokemon and he’s a massive noob..i never
    played it..only played pixelmon and even im better..?

  • Syaoran Li 5 years ago

    what? marmalade in england is made with orange? in my country, marmalade is
    made using quince, also known as golden apple. it looks and taste
    absolutely nothing like orange jelly?

  • ptimog 5 years ago

    Jesus the intro is so loud D:?

  • Jodie Ross 5 years ago

    Yes! Finally the gym battle with Simon. I hope that Sips is the final gym

  • carronline1 5 years ago

    “whats good against diglett” – sjin 2014?

  • Andreas Bendorff 5 years ago

    against bastidon why did he not use rampardos it would have been awesome to
    have the unstoppable force against the immovable object. ?

  • TheZaius 5 years ago

    This was a good battle. …I think Simon was getting some help.?

  • adrien wong 5 years ago

    Abra + kadabbra =abra kadabra?

  • Joshua Columbus 5 years ago

    I always rip my dick off when they keep changing pokemon over and over

  • yinyangbeetl 5 years ago

    He’s got a HOLE different move set?

  • Dylan Davies 5 years ago

    Sjin should rename ninetales to over ninethousandtales?

  • SniperMC 5 years ago

    I make minecraft videos too and I would appreciate if you guys would check
    them out!?

  • ratchet qwark 5 years ago

    CHRIST THIS GYM WAS A JOKE :p at least the others tried lol?