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Minecraft Pixelmon REBORN with L8Games and


Minecraft video



  • L8Games - Minecraft 1 year ago

    WOO! You all SMASHED 1,000 LIKES…so we’re back with MORE PIXELMON REBORN!!

  • Gabriel Turner 1 year ago

    nick he the winner he take down pixeldip and bug dude

  • Mr.Duncan :D 1 year ago

    Oh the arena is the battle tower?

  • Blair Shuffler 1 year ago

    Yeeeeeaaaaaah!!!! Team GREEEEEEEEEEEN

  • Heather Sanchez 1 year ago

    #TEAMGREEN FOR LIFE !!!!!!!Nick won

  • Drek Tdm 1 year ago


  • Jolting Jolteon Gaming 1 year ago

    GOOOOOO team Green #team green forever try playing pokemon insurgence Nick it is awsome p.s. My name is nick too

  • Yajaira Flores 1 year ago

    I love your videos

  • Alicia Wilson 1 year ago

    Nick won because pixledip had to beat you twice

  • aleemplays Roblox 1 year ago

    Pixel on reporn

  • Ragnaros 1 year ago

    Isnt it illegal?

  • Quenterrell Briscoe jr 1 year ago


  • GODS TrueRinnenganGamerYT 1 year ago

    you guys are the best youtubers that ever lived plus your both awsome

  • Wilson Liang 1 year ago


  • Manuel Rodriguez 1 year ago

    Nick won

  • Michael Melia 1 year ago


  • Tim Gann 1 year ago

    Mega Pokemon great work l8games and I have request please

  • Baltrike 1 year ago

    spoiler alert

    Im handsome xD

  • olly lonsdale 1 year ago

    L8Nick won

  • TheWarrior Gamer 1 year ago


  • Katina Mcdaniel 1 year ago

    you rock

  • Theird Lugto 1 year ago


  • eprime calsado 1 year ago

    its nick

  • Ink Films 1 year ago

    Where is the link for pixelmon reborn i wanna use it

  • Dathan Hartley 1 year ago


  • Adrain Lazerflip 1 year ago

    I got the pixelmon reborn mod pack but I don’t have the extra mega Pokémon

  • Hanny Teng 1 year ago

    they cheat so nick won stop cheating jorden or else nick will get a million of legendary

  • XShadow 1 year ago

    Hey,someone can help me?
    I install this mod(5.1.4) and I didnt have all megas..I have only venusaur,charizard and blastois

  • Daniel Triolo 1 year ago

    yay i am TEAM GREEN sorry jorden but i like u as well

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