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Minecraft modded. In this series we take on the


Minecraft video



  • eqqos 8 months ago

    Dont forget to animate infinity blocks.

  • Ulol60 8 months ago

    Build a big emerald plant farm under your base and make so it auto plant and harvest. It will make so much EMC

  • SvenicusGermainus 8 months ago

    Etho you should know by now not to throw mysterious shiny things in your base.

  • Jon Brady 8 months ago

    wand of animation is more overhyped than no mans sky.

  • ScratchMB 8 months ago

    I did the same thing with the Endest Pearl but I threw it at my ME system and it destroyed everything, I had to load a backup haha

  • fell394 8 months ago

    morning stars with hyper rationing pipes is quite a good way to cheese singularities.

  • I think you should finish all the little quests possible and then just remove all the unnecessary machines to reduce the lag and build up the spawners and everything to be able to finish.

  • Happy Ijuko 8 months ago

    that was a really cool and awesome episode i loved it :D

  • Ray Ray 8 months ago

    Etho what happened to!
    Etho’s Modded Minecraft and Minecraft – HermitPack
    I know they are old but like what happened to the word and stuff, I really miss those series!!!!

  • Stankic98 8 months ago

    Etho cant you use zombies and the exact copy setting to duplicate items by giving it to them and farming them?

  • Trash 8 months ago

    Legit Etho is the king of grinding

  • thien nguyen 8 months ago

    It’s so funny how every time he gets something new he tries it on his base and it goes wrong

  • 420fedoras 8 months ago

    wait so why is the wand of animation so good? can someone explain to me? looks like rates would be super slow with the mob farming method so it doesn’t look like its worth all the effort to me

  • roscocsa 8 months ago

    man i love this playthrough and seeing you finish it, but i’m gonna hate that it’s going away.

  • Daan Heijmans 8 months ago

    Place Grinders near the gaia guardian farm, so the mobs get killed.

  • Downhill 8 months ago

    just take a picture of the crafting recepie and look at it instead of going back to look and check every time duuuh…

  • Al7medy 8 months ago

    You are still an old school youtuber, and I like it!

  • Use autonomous activator on the neutronium compressor

  • Sergio Melendez 8 months ago

    I love how he threw the endest pearl right in the middle of his base

  • SandokanTheManiac 8 months ago

    What’s the shortcut to do like: You have a recipe for item X. But you have 50 X’s in the system. How do you do it so when you click on the 50X’s, it goes to the crafting GUI (Like he did with the Mobius Ingots at 13:10)? Always wandered that. Always had to take out the stack or make a ME Panel just with crafting icons.

  • Alexander Kraus 8 months ago

    Will an autonomous activator work on machines?

  • Guy-Philippe Arseneault 8 months ago

    Tips for the Gaia fight: if you use the Staff of Power (draconic evolution) you can can set it to AOE dmg, meaning you’ll one shot the mobs that spawn around the Gaia. And perhaps hit all the Gaia guardians at the same time, but i’m not sure.

  • _gabriele_mars_ 8 months ago

    Etho you can repair the wand in that washing machine for tools

  • Alon Maayan 8 months ago

    maybe you can use the EnderIO spawner for the animated blocks

  • Brandon Burban 8 months ago

    Ergos a noob

  • cannaJan 8 months ago

    congratz on getting the wand done, big milestone! Excellent episode with narrow escapes, shocks and success.

  • Paul Silva 8 months ago

    Damn it. I want my snacks but i just brushed my teeth

  • Alex Cline 8 months ago

    Suggestion for the gia fight – Use an auto turret. I forget the mod but I know that you can get a super OP one like your sword and bow from a legendary. But I know you can make some too. No idea how useful it’d be but worth a shot?

    Edit – Compressed Gia block at the end. I guess I should watch the whole video before commenting.

  • 101Greatmusic 8 months ago

    You could use the red matter weapons for EMC. If I can recall correctly, you can use the max tier item, then use that EMC for the items that make it, and you will have A LOT left over.

  • THAT PEARL WAS AWESOME. We need more mods like that, the kind that make you crap your pants before you realize whats going on. Thats a good feeling.

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