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Welcome to the Negative Challenge. In this series


Minecraft video



  • diamond cheesecake 10 months ago

    Stampycat play terera

  • diamond cheesecake 10 months ago

    Play tererai

  • Evelyn Eva Range 10 months ago

    Hi stampy i think that you should play the negative challeng with squid and make a mini game about it goodbye .

  • Charibelle Anderson 10 months ago

    You can only get appled from oak and dark oak stamps :)

  • Charibelle Anderson 10 months ago

    10:40 texture packs??

  • Martha Chan 10 months ago

    *Stampy burns a diamond*


  • Charibelle Anderson 10 months ago

    Stamps, mushrooms are funjis :)

  • HomeLlamaFace 10 months ago

    Apples only drop from oak trees.

  • MrMahmud444 10 months ago

    apples only drop on oak trees stampy

  • MrMahmud444 10 months ago

    they dont drop on eny other trees

  • HomeLlamaFace 10 months ago

    Mushrooms are fungi. They are not fruit or vegetable.

  • lankeystingray 10 months ago

    at 9:02 their was a mooshroom island for food sence all you need to craft is a bowl!!!!!!

  • Professor Villager 10 months ago

    Is anyone’s eyes’ burning cause of the negative resources? No? Only me?

  • Gideon Gamer 10 months ago

    Views Going Up!

  • Lauren Deliso 10 months ago

    The world finally looks normal to me

  • james Walster 10 months ago

    2:36 he is trying to get apples from spruce trees XD

  • Nadia Renoll 10 months ago

    I am only a 3rd grader :-( :-(:-(:-(

  • Pheng Pheng 10 months ago

    The ender dragon is going be terrible

  • Ferret gaming 10 months ago

    Wait am i colore blind!?

  • Kenneth Diosan 10 months ago

    Stampy I wish u continue your Terraria lets play pls

  • Camilo Lizazo 10 months ago

    Do more terrari a plz i really enjoyed the content

  • dina turcios 10 months ago

    Can you do it let’s play on the Nintendo switch on Minecraft

  • Cloud Francis 10 months ago

    In the description in the last its says let the tea cold

  • Swaggy Diamond3 10 months ago

    Stamps is amazing but I hate this challenge because it is a little weird

  • Aidan Bernard 10 months ago

    I have a question…WHERE’S TERRARIA!?! You left it at a cliff-hanger!

  • Joshua Davies 10 months ago


  • Tatiana Heinzelmann 10 months ago

    Silly stamp is back so only oak trees and Birch and dark oak trees give you apples so you should you know look for Oak and well I said it and Stampy silly LOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

  • Dash Raiden 10 months ago

    Play fortnite

  • Charlie Bryant 10 months ago

    I turned on inverted colors and it now looks normal

  • Now that the play Blueberry muffins 10 months ago

    How do you get the word negative

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