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Welcome to the Negative Challenge. In this series


Minecraft video



  • diamond cheesecake 1 year ago

    Stampycat play terera

  • diamond cheesecake 1 year ago

    Play tererai

  • Evelyn Eva Range 1 year ago

    Hi stampy i think that you should play the negative challeng with squid and make a mini game about it goodbye .

  • Charibelle Anderson 1 year ago

    You can only get appled from oak and dark oak stamps :)

  • Charibelle Anderson 1 year ago

    10:40 texture packs??

  • Martha Chan 1 year ago

    *Stampy burns a diamond*


  • Charibelle Anderson 1 year ago

    Stamps, mushrooms are funjis :)

  • HomeLlamaFace 1 year ago

    Apples only drop from oak trees.

  • MrMahmud444 1 year ago

    apples only drop on oak trees stampy

  • MrMahmud444 1 year ago

    they dont drop on eny other trees

  • HomeLlamaFace 1 year ago

    Mushrooms are fungi. They are not fruit or vegetable.

  • lankeystingray 1 year ago

    at 9:02 their was a mooshroom island for food sence all you need to craft is a bowl!!!!!!

  • Professor Villager 1 year ago

    Is anyone’s eyes’ burning cause of the negative resources? No? Only me?

  • Gideon Gamer 1 year ago

    Views Going Up!

  • Lauren Deliso 1 year ago

    The world finally looks normal to me

  • james Walster 1 year ago

    2:36 he is trying to get apples from spruce trees XD

  • Nadia Renoll 1 year ago

    I am only a 3rd grader :-( :-(:-(:-(

  • Pheng Pheng 1 year ago

    The ender dragon is going be terrible

  • Ferret gaming 1 year ago

    Wait am i colore blind!?

  • Kenneth Diosan 1 year ago

    Stampy I wish u continue your Terraria lets play pls

  • Camilo Lizazo 1 year ago

    Do more terrari a plz i really enjoyed the content

  • dina turcios 1 year ago

    Can you do it let’s play on the Nintendo switch on Minecraft

  • Cloud Francis 1 year ago

    In the description in the last its says let the tea cold

  • Swaggy Diamond3 1 year ago

    Stamps is amazing but I hate this challenge because it is a little weird

  • Aidan Bernard 1 year ago

    I have a question…WHERE’S TERRARIA!?! You left it at a cliff-hanger!

  • Joshua Davies 1 year ago


  • Tatiana Heinzelmann 1 year ago

    Silly stamp is back so only oak trees and Birch and dark oak trees give you apples so you should you know look for Oak and well I said it and Stampy silly LOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

  • Dash Raiden 1 year ago

    Play fortnite

  • Charlie Bryant 1 year ago

    I turned on inverted colors and it now looks normal

  • Now that the play Blueberry muffins 1 year ago

    How do you get the word negative

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