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An explanation of TU65 & When you can expect to


Minecraft video



  • Henry Patterson 7 months ago

    ToyCat will SWICH get the first one or second?

  • Toothless Lazor 7 months ago

    Who else wanted to rage because Xbox One was not yet confirmed for this update, cause I am

  • Bunta Fujiwara 7 months ago

    Still, what is “soon” in this case, everyone said soon in february, and it’s may, and nothing

  • Transmedal2 7 months ago

    It’s been coming out in the next two months since two months before last Christmas :/

  • Alex Roberts 7 months ago

    I play minecraft on pe and ps4

  • Toon Deth 7 months ago


  • matty4z 7 months ago

    I cant hardly wait for the new update on june 5th so close yet so far : /

  • Stablechief29 Xbox360 7 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for big title update for Xbox 360 for ages thanks toycat for this video

  • Unknown Artist 7 months ago

    Guys my balls hurt

  • Cabincraft 7 months ago

    I don’t think they will have minecraft updates for the XBOX 360 and the PS3 anymore.

  • Gaming l Uk 7 months ago

    @toycat you won’t remember me, but could you by any chance contact 4j about adding or improving glide like another map or a ranking system for public games to encourage more players and current players to want to improve? Many Thanks

  • Kynan Rowan 7 months ago

    The developers for minecraft Xbox are really taking their time…

    I’m starting to lose patience. Why do they have to to 2-3 “big” updates per year. Doing an overhaul on the ocean as well as adding a few mobs and new mechanics shouldnt have taken this long and it sucks that on Xbox you cant search up servers that have decent mini games and survivals and your stuck with the other four that have boring mini games. I want a server where you can play prison style games for free.

  • Represent Minnesota 7 months ago

    Console minecraft is like the stone age. We are missing so much.

  • Spandex415 7 months ago

    Gave up on MC,
    shitty “experimental game play” taking too long,
    No Super Duper Graphics Pack, after a entire year
    …. Make vids when those actually come out.

  • Luke Rimmer 7 months ago

    Me, my little cousin and all of his friends really dislike the new bedrock version of Minecraft. We loved the old version and we’re so disappointed to see it go.

  • perry 6031423 7 months ago

    Toycat try this if you put tp @s 0 ~ 73775757474 ~ 0 you will tp to this weird striped land place. Like if you think toycat should check this out

  • Chris Pinto 7 months ago

    What are you building

  • Delta Omega 7 months ago

    Any old timers ? I’ve been here since TU20

  • K3NZ13Z Tubes 7 months ago

    Another thing like this is Pokémon on switch

  • PandaPlayz 7 months ago

    Oof Minecraft Xbox one is not confirmed

  • FlashLine Studio 7 months ago

    Minecraft birthday skin pack is out next week

  • Elias Fernandez 7 months ago

    Will this update work on old worlds?

  • SmugGoose55 X 7 months ago

    4J studios made the game look a lot better I hope I comes out on both things though

  • tom dalton 7 months ago

    A while you talked about it 17 days ago

  • Atistic-Kids-Be-Like 7 months ago

    Ppl still play this

  • Farhad Rahman 7 months ago

    Minecraft ps4 edition and Xbox one edition crossplay plez

  • Lemon Soldier/Lemon the trooper 7 months ago

    Reason why i dont play minecraft because everytime i meet someone they are 5 year olds screaming through thier mics

  • Sam Dianto 7 months ago

    I have no idea why people complain about your talking speed. I can understand it normally.

  • Jeanne Vitt 7 months ago


  • simcy Leppik 7 months ago

    what day?

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