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Minecraft video



  • Gargi Das 9 months ago

    why you don’t make more roblorex video

  • Nelly Arifyani 9 months ago

    the house is otomatic

  • Ruhi Sami Khan 9 months ago

    supercar mod pleaseeeeeeeee

  • سيف الدين محمد 9 months ago

    The First house it was cool

  • Leonora Mariano 9 months ago

    i like the first one

  • The Arcader 9 months ago


  • Baim Suwandi 9 months ago


  • AB Magdy 9 months ago


  • Ronaldo Roscain 9 months ago

    In the first seconds we already see the nether portal

  • Nandhu Historical 9 months ago

    It is a self building house commanded and it is a downloadable world in planet Minecraft

  • Norah Alkhaldi 9 months ago

    Love naveed

  • Kristine Cruz 9 months ago

    How did you get that stuff cool im your big fan

  • Gerlei Gergely 9 months ago

    How do I “subscribe the video” XD (1:13)

  • Michealcraft 9 months ago

    These results command blocks and not a mod lier u just want the views and the likes and subscribers it’s not even a mod lier and mark is a custom npcs and he can’t die in the light he is not normal and zombies haven’t been nice to anyone they just want to eat u and this is just a map big lier §lier

  • Ely. A 9 months ago

    2nd house is so cool

  • Jessica Maagad 9 months ago

    What game is that?

  • ahmad hisyam 9 months ago

    I subscribed

  • rodney weaver 9 months ago

    What is your app called that you downloaded on your computer

  • rodney weaver 9 months ago

    Navid never ever stop making videos because I love them I watch him every single day even every single hour or minute I’m serious with you I love you I love famous guy ever seen my life

  • Silvia Sampedro 9 months ago


  • Enih Mulyanih 9 months ago

    I hate you

  • Jaebum Im 9 months ago

    i like the first one

  • Jaebum Im 9 months ago

    And the second one

  • Mobile Legends Gamer 9 months ago

    I already seen that house on eystreem videos

  • Samantha Pang 9 months ago

    I like to live in the modern house naveed.

  • Leon Govender 9 months ago

    Hi Naveed,love your videos.Please can you do an infinity episode with ironspider verse thanos,thanks

  • Melgrace Enanuria 9 months ago

    Sorry im late but I Have a house like that

  • Maricel Rosales 9 months ago


  • Bence Farkas 9 months ago

    hey this is the best mod! :

  • james houser 9 months ago

    I am no weed I had your mug in my dream and he starts to cry because he sold free and he was in Minecraft character he was in roblox

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