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Minecraft Slenderman World (Summoning Slenderman


Minecraft video



  • legend 27 1 year ago

    Do the 3am seed

  • patriotfan2003 1 year ago

    Do a else world from frozen

  • youtuer Guindon 1 year ago

    At 3:45 he died

  • Diamond Denny 1 year ago

    2018 is best

  • TheBlue Mocer 1 year ago

    The zigzag patern is an s of slender and the spawn is his base

  • Suor Maria 1 year ago


  • Sir Blue Moustache 1 year ago


  • dema 1 year ago

    seed -1000??? it looks like um

  • Freiby Munoz 1 year ago

    Its a rivean that a cave was made and it explode

  • Freiby Munoz 1 year ago

    Happy new year cole mc

  • hotsauce63 gaming 1 year ago

    try playing the slender seen @ 3:00am

  • Red x demon YT300 1 year ago

    Hi guys

  • reverse king 1 year ago

    Hey o1g

  • Kimberly Arcuri 1 year ago

    Random pumpkin heads

  • Damien Grayson 1 year ago

    Slender man sucks

  • Ann CraZFam 1 year ago

    I have seen this creepy thing in Minecraft befor its that crater you saw

  • Tyler Ausland 1 year ago

    I think the zigzags look like an S for Slendermand

  • Ryan Munting 1 year ago

    best enchantment it works for everything feather falling smite infinity amazing

  • ProgamerGTR ladi 1 year ago

    if a fountain is found and no village in sight or at least thirty blocks away from one than Herobrine might be in your world

  • Ceasar Munoz 1 year ago

    Sand is not sopost flight!

  • Devon Batiste 1 year ago

    I did all of it

  • Kristyn Gates 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who noticed a frickin’ dinosaur

  • JovanyJamila Carbajal 1 year ago


  • Pixie Beasley 1 year ago

    5:07—5:10 there is almost a cross

  • Pixie Beasley 1 year ago

    8:17 the sand on the edge of the forest looks like a girls face

  • Olesya Kostyleva 1 year ago

    8:12 on the left is a cross formation

  • GENERAL GAMING 1 year ago

    Just for 2018 do seed O1G

  • CM Guilaran 1 year ago


  • Clearsight Gonzales 1 year ago

    I saw a cross!

  • Chris Sullivan 1 year ago

    weirdest seed everrrrrrr! what how was this even genarated

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