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We begin the trivia branch! Click Here to Subscribe! â-» Watch Diversity1 â-» MINECRAFT SMARTIES – Minecraft Diversity 2 w/ Stacy Ep 7 Check…


Minecraft video

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  • tatyanna sanchez 5 years ago

    I love you! Your hilarious humor.. And your beauty. And your personality. I
    love you! Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for making me smile.
    Thank you for making me feel confident. ?

  • Iwan Demmery 5 years ago

    Is this a re upload??

  • wang maggie 5 years ago


  • Sarabethq 5 years ago

    This was painful to watch?

  • Avery Bryson 5 years ago

    didn’t you post this late cupcake? or nah??

  • Archer of The Mines 5 years ago

    I know I’m not alone thorough this episode. I was face palming of their

  • Natasha Vucinovic 5 years ago

    Wait,I am so confused now.I know they did the whole trivia branch
    yesterday,I watched it .Now they are doing it again,and all the questions
    are different.WTF.?

  • ZipperNinja21 5 years ago

    It’s ok. Her mistake gave us two episodes.?

  • royalpython 5 years ago

    glad I got to see the 1st part. Did you remove the other video ? ?

  • More Ally 5 years ago

    5th comment 12th view!! :D ?

  • PaulPlays 5 years ago

    I miss flash friday and I miss I just wanna play games! I wish they we’re
    still around because your old vids I loved but it’s gone all of a sudden
    but I still love these minecraft vids but when I heard you wanted to
    explore new games I was excited that flash friday would come back along
    with I just wanna play games! It would be amazing but please dont bring
    hate into this comment because it’s my opinion and we all have a different
    one and it would be a shame that you would go hate your own kind since
    we’re all humans here.?

  • Mariele Y. 5 years ago

    Ilysm tiff!!…but you and Stacy really shouldn’t be doing this game..not
    minecraft but diversity…you both don’t know the basics or general
    knowledge..when you guys did the speed race thing, you guys took FOREVER
    how to figure it out….I know I’m going to get a lot of hate, but I’m just
    being honest?

  • Roseh 5 years ago

    The dropper is SO HARD?

  • Isabel Gawne 5 years ago

    31st comment 159th view … WOW IM EARLY!!!?

  • Panda Sweets 5 years ago

    Where is the tnt one??

  • Rachel Blue 5 years ago

    Hope Someone Can Answer My Questions:

    1. Did Diversity 1 Have Escape? O.O
    2. who cant wait They 2 Play Escape/Parkour :D ! ?

  • Nat1ve_Sw@g 5 years ago


  • iHasCupquake 5 years ago

    So sorry for the wrong vid upload today :| Here is the correct video of
    #Minecraft Diversity 2 with @stacysays !?

  • Skullstrolls 5 years ago

    Please upload walking dead!?

  • Andrea Crafts 5 years ago

    Under 301?