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This lucky block adds in snake related epic


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 5 days ago

    New epic Lucky Block Mod guys!!! I hope you enjoy! I’ll be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • ray Athaide 4 days ago

    *When’s lucky block Hunger games? I miss them :( and crazy craft… Plz do more… Plz like if u agree* ❤

  • Kristina Allen 4 days ago

    yo so i am on my moms account but the main point is that i would love to see more lucky block races and chalenges also great vid

  • CoralTheAce 4 days ago

    Comment comment to me

  • Lawrence Schultz 4 days ago

    Pat u should react to the best moments stopped vid ( some are so cool ) PEACE OUT

  • Kineroo Visions 4 days ago

    It’s the KD Lucky block only works if watch the nba

  • Abbey Ball 4 days ago


  • dorota swietochowska 4 days ago

    Hi plz can I have a shout out I love u plz do more roblox videos

  • YouTube Blue 4 days ago

    “Wait for his balls to smash into your face” -pat 2018

  • ʝυѕт α нσяѕє fαи 4 days ago

    9:53 “Oh no there’s a steak killing you!”

  • Keegan Baty 4 days ago

    Why are you playing 2t2b

  • Doghog TV 4 days ago

    Pat your chestplate was the one who poisoned you

  • G Dog12 4 days ago

    Join 2b2t

  • Courtney Shortt 4 days ago

    Ssssssssssss jen lol

  • Taryn Toyreview 4 days ago

    Pat: comment down where Jen

    Jen: down at the grass

    If it was me I be like

    Me: down pats smelly sneezing feet

  • Griffinslike candy 4 days ago

    I think at the end pat forgot he could climb walls!

  • Jing Zhang 4 days ago

    Love your videos and keep up the good work!<3

  • Tyra Cunningham 4 days ago

    Pat and jen are amazing youtubers

  • The Irish Pie 4 days ago

    Hi pat!

  • Cedrick Guafu 4 days ago

    My bestfriend, is a lucky block(snake) now?

  • pandacorn Alex 4 days ago

    bring back the trolling games

  • Addyson Gaming 4 days ago

    I love when jen said lucky block pee lol

  • agnel vazquez 4 days ago

    pat are you going to start epic proportions season 10 soon!

  • Patrycja Pisarska 4 days ago

    Way is Jen so wid

  • Jing Zhang 4 days ago

    When Jen said a snake killed Pat I was like did she just say a steak killed Pat

  • Triblazer _21 4 days ago

    It wasn’t fair pat had resistance 3

  • Zukai Pureex 4 days ago


  • Jayson Rabida 4 days ago

    Ssssssssslither into the comment section

  • Jakob McClay 4 days ago

    Play fortnite

  • Tyler Barnard 4 days ago

    Play fortnite battle royal

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