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The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 8 months ago

    Woot! She got it right!! Been a long time….

  • ClarenceHD 8 months ago

    8:37 Best Part…

  • aedrian johril portigo 8 months ago

    Pat: because someone was rude and they spawn them and it was this fish

    -Pat 2018

  • LazuritezGaming 8 months ago

    Replace the letter O to N from the weapon

    If you know what i mean…

  • Tristila Sagum 8 months ago

    Pat only is the green reaper and hes the b-best

  • Nickolas Chiquito 8 months ago

    u should do more lucky block challenge games

  • charlie._.dreamvlogs 1 8 months ago

    For the becan trade it could be a poison snake toooth

  • charlie._.dreamvlogs 1 8 months ago

    Regular snakes don’t have that big of tooth

  • thrush monster 8 months ago

    Jen is so greedy I don’t get why pat gives her all these chances to win yet she never wins
    Like why give 3 super lucky blocks

  • Herobrine King 8 months ago

    wow i can’t believe she got it right

  • woof doge 8 months ago


  • Super G 8 months ago

    Who else just skips the trades

  • Emperor_ Ararat 8 months ago

    Sorry but im unsubscribing

  • The AppMaker 8 months ago

    At 10:56

  • annoying Apple 8 months ago


  • DontHurt MeM8 8 months ago

    12.21 did u even realize u said it

  • Diamond Raxe 18 8 months ago

    If the Snake Man did not have thorns on its armour pat could have won

  • boltarrow 8 months ago

    pat more world of warcraft

  • Zander Tanksley 8 months ago

    Ya lol

  • GodOfManKind 8 months ago


  • Enzo Alcantara 8 months ago

    (=^•^=) +sad=sad kitin

  • Arlene Arcala 8 months ago

    Im been punching in my phone slowy but it wont like it lol

  • The ImfamousGreninja 8 months ago

    anyone wanna play on my modded server

  • PabloTheP3NIS 8 months ago

    10:33 Miley Sirus SWINGING ON THE POLE!!!

  • SolarisGaming Z 8 months ago

    i was waiting for pat to say AS YOU GUYS KNOW ITS ALL FOR FUN XD

  • Lea Carlisle 8 months ago

    Naga is snake man

  • Thunderquake VLOGS 8 months ago

    Jen he is not Spider-Man he is spider pat

  • Rosa Mok 8 months ago

    Hiiiii love ya guys

  • Dragon Lover2501 8 months ago

    Jen should be a jen-itor fish

  • BobTHP 8 months ago

    Pat you got Peter

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