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What are you talking about I didn’t forget to


Minecraft video



  • xanarchywillkillyou owo 1 week ago

    Die in a fire .

  • Mitch Wheeler 1 week ago

    Easy way to get a lot of Draconium when chickens are too slow: Get a tinker’s pickaxe with Autosmelt and fortune 3. The fortune is applied with it breaks (the dust), then fortune is applied again as it smelts (you can get almost half a stack from one Draconium ore)

  • Dat Panda Gamer 1 week ago

    How do you make a modded server like this?

  • Just some Guy 1 week ago

    They gonna need to change they’re system for emc when they get there so that instead of destroying it will put them in the emc machines

  • Da_Boom 1 week ago

    you guys suck at chickens/roost – rearrange them so that they are in a 9×9*3 cube, with the collector in the middle
    so that’s
    (top down)
    Roost: X
    Empty: O
    Collector: C
    O X X X X X X X O
    X O O O O O O O X
    X O O O O O O O X
    X O O O O O O O X
    X O O O C O O O X
    X O O O O O O O X
    X O O O O O O O X
    X O O O O O O O X
    O X X X X X X X O

  • Kormat 1 week ago

    Get chance decohedron, a chance cube scanner, and the acceleration wand, scan a chance 100 decohedron, open it and accelerate it a bunch with the acceleration wand, and it acts like it has opened a bunch of them instead of one, and it will only give you items.

  • BurningFyre 1 week ago

    Wait whats going on i watched this yesterday

  • Aidric White 1 week ago


  • Photo Channel 1 week ago

    This is So Much Awesomeness

  • karlos fandangoe 1 week ago

    What is going on with the names? And this is a repeat video I’ve seen it before lol wtf

  • Ghostly Meme 1 week ago

    Sub to pewdiepie. He needs your help

  • Ian Gregory 1 week ago

    Yo Sparklez, if the sound stops coming out from Minecraft, go into video settings and change your mipmap settings from whatever they’re on to something different, it forces Minecraft sounds to reboot.
    Source: I have so many problems, I’ve learned to fix them.

  • Lea Hoffman 1 week ago

    Everyone subscribe to pewdiepie so that we can stop t series.

  • Tuqueque 1 week ago

    Last 3 days daily subs: 125k (Pewds) 205k (L-Series), 205k (Pewds) 242k (L-Series), 544k (Pewds) 326k (L-Series). Although PewDiePie received a ton of help today, L-Series also gained a large amount

  • Ash- Greninja#658 1 week ago

    Do a pubg minecraft video PLZ

  • Douglas Eiserloh 1 week ago

    I recommend putting two more harvesters on the farm on the other sides, so that they run on different ticks and pick up the crops faster when you are using the acceleration wand. It will make it a lot less tedious when you only have to click one thing!

  • Pikachu II 1 week ago

    At 3:28 I was so disappointed to see X33N joining in to the game because I prefer the videos just with CaptainSparklez

  • 4840nick 1 week ago

    X33N’s sword can one-hit chaos dragons (once you get their shield down)

  • Pawss 1 week ago

    I was so shook cause I didn’t watch 10, I thought they finished and I thought it was the end.

  • Collin Aleksak 1 week ago


    Yes indeed Jardanonarinianorian.

  • Cyn Gaming 1 week ago

    Isn’t there like a quantum storage drive thing

  • Ace1234556789 1 week ago

    It’s the small things in life you have to enjoy. Like seeing Jardeon drinking Cola Zero to keep his diet in check.

  • Ralp Raul Abing 1 week ago


  • Ivan Aguilera 1 week ago

    What mod is he playing ?

  • Tom Gerry 1 week ago

    I’m so sad that there’s not another uncut video that I’m rewatching the vods that are cut

  • Femi Oyebo 1 week ago


  • Connor McIlroy 1 week ago

    What happened to your views

  • Mineryhb6 1 week ago

    Yay 10M

  • Alex Shepherd 1 week ago

    Get the growth things from legendary loot bags.

  • Mrlord Phantom 1 week ago

    Can you play with crainer and ssundde again please

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