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Minecraft video



  • ToXiGamz 1 year ago

    “Administrate this.”
    Biiiitch that line was better than all seasons combined xD

  • Leon Mercury 1 year ago

    I kinda do think that Stella is worse than Romeo. Not because of the gravity of her actions, but because of how personal the actions were – she turned people into indentured servants, she abused Lluna at a couple of points, and she backstabbed Jesse and co on a few occasions.
    Romeo – we can pretty much say he went mad with power and just wanted people to like him and do what he wanted.
    Now admittedly both were pretty similar characters (We’re not too different, you and I), but look at what Stella did *without* admin powers, compared to Romeo’s actions which all required he have admin powers, and I think Stella is definitely the more devious of the two.
    Though she definitely did have a better redemption arc than “Oh, I lost my admin powers. I’ll stop being a baby who wants everything his way”.

  • Leon Mercury 1 year ago

    “BFFs. Or maybe lesbian lovers”
    I feel it would be great either way.

  • Leon Mercury 1 year ago

    I think the major ones at the end are just telling the overall end from the entire season, so you have closure with all the characters’ results.

  • Captain Natjo 1 year ago

    Minecraft story mode’s spelling mistakes: “Made by kids, written by kids, made for kids”

  • OhSoUnicornly 1 year ago

    *cough* Callou Callay is from the Jabberwock… :) Unless there was another line?

  • Ahsoka Tano 1 year ago

    Is Axel the same person as Bert from TBBT?

  • Zarkaylia 1 year ago

    Unpopular opinion: Telltales Walking Dead is shite. More often than not it’s 99% predictable and the characters are artificial and deliberately dumb just to fit a narrative which is infuriating. At least when it comes to Minecraft you know what you get and there’s no expected outcome, no narrative to fit, no style or guidelines to oblige to. With Minecraft they’ve actually been creative and played a bit with the world and lore to surprise you and present new ideas. Though Batman is the best of all of them, they’ve done an awesome job with that!

  • Ginger Ninja 1 year ago

    Will there ever be another Telltale Game of Thrones? Because since I watched your playthrough I’ve actually watched Game of Thrones and become addicted

  • Matt Wilson 1 year ago

    I wondered why Radar sounded to familiar. He’s voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. I can definitely hear a lot of Niel from Camp Camp in his voice now

  • Rubix Cube 1 year ago

    I love how much Hannah hates Axel(he really is the worst though isn’t he). Yet another great series, Hannah, keep up your amazing work! <3

  • BatChicken1 1 year ago

    As soon as I saw the blocks, I knew Hannah was going to make the reference to Legolas from whatever Hobbit film it was in, can’t remember though haha

  • Leo Supersaiyan 1 year ago

    id have s3 just as long as you cover it cause ur brill at this XD

  • Alastair Leeuwangh 1 year ago

    I enjoyed the game as a whole, but with regards to what I would like to see, I’d have to go for something completely different. I think it’s great that they want to extend the universes of established stories, but why not try something new?

  • Rachel C 1 year ago

    Honestly, I ship Jetra so much. Like I’m 22 and I have nothing better to do with my life lmao. Also Ashley Johnson is bae.

  • SteamMaster Gaming 1 year ago

    Wouldn’t mind a star wars telltale.

  • TitoRag 1 year ago

    I love the fact that Telltale’s Batman Bane, Rost from Horizon Zero Dawn and The Admin are voiced by the same person

  • Best AI 01 1 year ago

    2 seconds ago:
    Romeo: I’ll get that gunatlet, even if I have to kill you!
    Romeo: You know what guys, I think- I think I’ve been a pretty big jerk haven’t I?
    That- that right there is quality character development.

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf 1 year ago

    With the stats being so close to 50/50 – if they fixed the bug that was mentioned about the stats, I’d say it’s because you’re late doing the playthrough – all the people who’ve played multiple times to try all the routes, would have pushed it closer to 50/50

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf 1 year ago

    TellTale Games: The Flash – it’s about the only format where you could play The Flash without having to slow him down in some sense…. and the slowed-time decision making would make sense in that environment. And they’ve already got a relationship with DC for Die Fledermouseman

  • 1gigatitan 1 year ago

    Hannah has made this episode of story mode has into an “everything wrong with”

  • Patrick Dodd 1 year ago

    okay okay okay i’m just going to admit it. I did have a lil cry when choosing between petra and becontown

  • Tsetsi 1 year ago

    Annoying game

  • TheZorginator1 1 year ago

    Hannah’s snark is by far the best part of this series.

  • GreenSharder 1 year ago

    Lesbianism isn’t appropriate for minecraft. It’s a kids game. They not only don’t care, but I doubt they’d understand. And it’s not like Minecraft has had anything sexualised before. The characters don’t even have breasts.

  • Eric Chang 1 year ago

    In the significant choice summaries (that’s what I call it), the other percentages of players:
    Encouraged Petra to be her own person, knowing you’ll be friends no matter what
    Showed Radar that he could be the one everyone depends on
    Showed Radar that he needed to play it safe and practical
    Wanted nothing to do with Stella, so she embraced her darker side
    Showed Xara that nothing mattered except her quest for vengeance
    Gave in to Romeo’s wishes and left him in the void
    Led with a sure, decisive hand and did not compromise your values
    Hope this helps.

  • Noah 1 year ago


  • phoenixfireblazer 1 year ago

    I know it would never happen but I’m watched the anime series Erased and I feel that it would make for a really good telltale game.

  • Miss Armageddon 1 year ago

    Hunger Games Telltale would be WICKED

  • HoloTheWiseWolf 1 year ago

    I am absolutely positive season 3 of Minecraft story mode will be something to do with an alternate reality of modded Minecraft I think that would be one of the last resort so go through before they fully end it imagine different outcomes in a different things that could happen if the Encounters of modded people from a vanilla world

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