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Minecraft video

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  • Instagamrr 5 years ago

    I didn’t get to make it to the livestream but I’ll need to try to make it
    in the future. Curious to see you play live!?

  • TheIronPigs 5 years ago

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    recently hit 326subs and I am hoping you can check me out? My goal is 400
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  • CaptainSparklez 5 years ago
  • Ianite 5 years ago

    Followers, there appears to be a “fake” Ianite roaming the lands of the
    YouTubes. My senses tell me she is really bad at grammar.?

  • Raffy DaSquid 5 years ago

    Sparklez i think you should do the /keep inventory cheat,because theres a
    lot of rare and awesome stuff in this mod pack,if you lose them by dying,it
    wont be fun,so yeah…?

  • MrFynnBoyGamingPro 5 years ago

    I sure some of you mentioned this already but, if you put a torch in the
    corner to block of the books, you are actually blocking of 2 book shelves!
    sooo put the torches in the middle if you can! :D ?

  • benhart3160 5 years ago

    22 diamonds 22 minutes 22 seconds ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!?

  • Spezialist 5 years ago

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    recording videos! I make gaming content on games like Destiny, GTA V,
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    Thank you so much for reading!?

  • Freddy Garcia 5 years ago

    1st ?

  • Vaxtin 5 years ago

    i have a boner?

  • Tyler McGee 5 years ago


  • asianhipppy 5 years ago


  • MrWhite Fang 5 years ago

    Its annoys me how he says ” I need boots” but he has 24 diamonds in the
    chest 2 feet away… ?

  • Hydro_Gaming 5 years ago

    He said there’s like 24 diamonds he gets them all its 24. wow?

  • Adam Freeman 5 years ago

    was anybody else facepalming when he didnt put on the protection II chain

  • Rainbow Blitz 5 years ago

    Has anybody else notice that at the begging of the video look at the mini
    map and theirs like billions of mobs ?

  • Joe Buchanan 5 years ago



  • CJThePlayer X 5 years ago

    I swear why does JARDON care about his Coal -.- like just put any amount
    and take it back after >.

  • SamoScopom 5 years ago

    why didn’t the numbers change when he got the durability III?

  • Ianite 5 years ago

    I am Ianite, i come on all video’s… I am still weak, i cant show myself
    yet becouse i dont have the power yet. It will come ! I dont even have the
    power to post a video :( I need subscribers for that.?