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Minecraft video

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  • WillHellmm 5 years ago

    How do you record stuff on the tv and on an iPhone? It would be really
    great to know how. It will open up a new variety on my channel.\*(‘.’)*/?

  • 56justincase 5 years ago

    21:17 Anyone? I almost died…?

  • Brandon Mayo 5 years ago

    3:30 A Chimaera is a mythical being, a mix of a dragon, snake, and 2 others
    I forgot. :P xD?

  • Jared Heng 5 years ago

    Jordon can u move the damage indicator thing cause the face cam is blocking
    it ?

  • demontechman 5 years ago

    Ok gotta ask did anyone else hear a loud static sound near the end when he
    killed douche skeleton??

  • newsuperyoshi 5 years ago

    Stupid, spoopie skeletons send quivers up your spine.?

  • ShadowFury278 5 years ago

    Warning at 21:18 ! Audio spazzed out or something so beware of large static
    burst of noises!?

  • LAXPAXKRAX 5 years ago

    Wow im suprised that slut instagramerr isent here yet?

  • SniperMC 5 years ago

    I make minecraft videos too and I would appreciate if you guys would check
    them out :) !?

  • VietPlaysMineCraft 5 years ago

    Im a really new channel!!! I create minecraft videos, like, factions,
    survival games, adventure maps, and even plain vanilla survival. It would
    mean the world if you come and join the Panda Army!!! Much Appreciated?

  • samtherat6 5 years ago

    Wasn’t there a pyramid structure in the really early beta version of

  • Harrison Romney 5 years ago

    U missed a giant castle u idiot!!

  • ThatAussieGamingGuy 5 years ago

    Okay, I am a COMPLETE noob to modded Minecraft, but I really want to get
    into it. Can someone tell me some mods to get me started, what version of
    minecraft they can be added to, and how to actually install the mods and
    use them? hahaha. If you find it easier, add me on Skype
    “thataussiegamingguy” to try and help a noob out :’)?

  • Instagamrr 5 years ago

    Hey Jordan you seem like you’ve been in a great mood since the charity
    livestream. Glad to see you’re doing awesome!?

  • Rendavouz Gengar 5 years ago

    Audio glitch/screech at 21:17. Your welcome ;) . Btw RIP headphone users.?

  • CaptainSparklez 5 years ago

    I hate skeletons?

  • Burning Inferno Productions 5 years ago

    Jordan, you should really move your Damage Indicators. We don’t get to see
    the names of most of these creatures without it.?

  • solomon gomes 5 years ago

    Jordan, do you ever get laid? like ever??

  • thomas blakemore 5 years ago

    I’m sorry but what is with all this talk about Instagamrr, Has she bombed
    everyone with Ebola or some shit? I’m just confused on why everyone hates
    her, Has he personally hurt you? Or hurt someone in your family? Or is she
    just trying to talk on a bloody youtube video. (Spam?)?

  • ZankyMankyHD13 5 years ago

    I know this is ridiculous but can you help me get to 1K id would be amazing
    and if your active and support it would mean a lot!?