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Minecraft video

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  • CaptainSparklez 5 years ago
  • Dikonm 5 years ago

    for steam members ->
    awesome share!?

  • Jorge Carrillo 5 years ago

    Jardon, might as well just play on creative, this series sucks so much…
    You don’t want to do anything by yourself. I just started to watch Ethoslab
    a month ago, he is much better than you, he at least takes the time between
    cuts to do stuff, you just upload an episode, do half a lousy fuck while
    cheating and cry a lot. Please, go back to how you where before… This is
    painful to watch, I just do it to give you an opportunity and see if you
    even check our feedback in the comments, but I guess you don’t care, you
    just want money…?

  • BUTT- SHANK 5 years ago

    Is sheep hater still alive???

  • Instagamrr 5 years ago

    Dat boss music :D ?

  • Brian Nistor 5 years ago

    You small not take the lord your God’s name i n van ?

  • The Defiant Hydra 5 years ago

    This mod pack sucks so much ass it could be a porn star.?

  • TheAlmightyButt 5 years ago

    You guys don’t realize that flying over mobs makes it even more fair for
    Jordan. Right now, the armor he has barely protects him. He gets
    annihilated even when flying, as seen in this video. The waypoints argument
    is stupid. Would you rather have him get his stuff back and move forward or
    have to wait through an hour to a couple episodes for him to get back to
    where he was? Jordan, I’d recommend getting rid of Infernal Mobs. It does
    make it extremely difficult, not to mention you have Eternal Isles.
    Infernal Eternal Mobs, pretty hard for someone that has your armor level
    right now.?

  • MrToxicVortex 5 years ago

    So im looking at creating somthing new on my channel, i already have a
    modded survival series but want to know what else i could do. if you have
    any suggestions or want to help me work on some sort of adventure map add
    me on skype: mrtoxicvorteyt?

  • ItzRainn 5 years ago

    Why when sparkling says the subs name he speaks very low?

  • Kelvin DRG 5 years ago

    Jordan, you gotta stop using you’re waypoints to teleport when you don’t
    have the portals set up, that’s cheating.?

  • Nathaniel Geller 5 years ago

    This was disappointing to say the least, not only did Jordan spawn in a
    boss :/ but when he was dying, instead of taking the death like a man,
    chose to fly above the boss and kill it without getting hit :( ?

  • TrunksWD - Minecraft, Games and More 5 years ago

    Good to watch the episode, since I missed a fair amount of this stream. At
    least it was an awesome boss battle!?

  • FunnierCape 5 years ago

    Dear Captain and fans,
    It is my job as FunnierCape to spread cheesy jokes like butter across the
    bread of the internet. So here u have it…

    I tried to catch fog yesterday,

    Parallel lines have so much in common,
    It’s a shame they’ll never meet.

    Why did the scarecrow get a raise?
    He was outstanding in his field.

    I took the shell off my snail thinking it would make him go faster,
    If anything it made him more sluggish.

    What is brown and sticky?
    A stick

    Did you hear about he kidnapping at school?
    It’s okay he woke up.

    Did you hear the joke about the pizza?
    I can’t tell you it’s too cheesy.

    There you go. Hope I brighten someone’s day.?

  • Ja ko 5 years ago

    This is a great series, but I feel like OreSpawn is very missed by me;
    Eternal Isles seems too hard, as CPT died 3 times in an episode. Also, I’m
    kinda sad that there is two times less mods then UMS, but I get the
    crashing. Sorry. But anyway, he does a great job, and he should keep doing
    the series but finding better gear.?

  • Krazyguy75 5 years ago

    I really think we should have keepInventory on, but w.e.

    Maybe we will after we lose everything and have to start over.?

  • Chris Smith 5 years ago

    I’m honestly not enjoying this series as mush as the last few. I think its
    just over saturation. Many of us feel you are not doing as much as your
    last few MC series and I think you should do something else. Maybe a
    survival map like Crash Landing or maybe do a series on Vanilla survival.
    You haven’t done that in awhile and like you know things have changed a
    lot. ?

  • George Dunkley 5 years ago

    Cap u do know that ur latest death is a waypoint right?

  • addison davis 5 years ago

    Be a blaze and just go to your textures and delete the particles only for
    the blaze?

  • CaveStoryNinja 5 years ago

    Please stop with live stream episodes. The sub stuff is obnoxious and it’s
    not as fun if you’ve already seen a stream.

    Please only do SOME streams as episodes. Just my opinion.?