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Minecraft Survival Let’s Play – Welcome back to


Minecraft video



  • Owen Hughes 11 months ago

    Courses dirt

  • JaguarBrickFilms 11 months ago

    Sorry. I’ve only seen Python Plays Minecraft Season 2. Loved it though! :)

  • Ayman Khalil 11 months ago

    Thanks for the content

  • Love yours videos, followed you since season one with sheeple and bolly. python PLEASE can u get rid of that floating dirt block in the bay, it bugs me…my ocd is kicking in, sorry and thank you

  • Diamond Chef 11 months ago

    Python amazing video I liked subscribed and bell notifications! Please do a part eleven and twelve and thirteen…and…one hundred and one!

  • Jordan 11 months ago

    Whats the name of the song playing in the background throughout the video?

  • I really hate it when you use 2 slabs instead of a full block. XD

  • Ducky 237 11 months ago

    Really cool farm! Can’t wait til we can see it with full grown wheat cause the tan color of the wheat is kinda cozy I think. Like a pumpkin patch in autumn :D

  • ASG Mania 11 months ago

    Hey Python, if you could transfer one thing from Terraria into Minecraft, and vice versa, what would it be?

  • Malachi James 11 months ago

    You are now officially my #1 favorite youtuber in the whole wide world

  • Blake Davidson 11 months ago

    Python for your own OCD at 3:29 in the top left of the screen their is a floating leaf also not all but can you get rid of a few vines near the new farm

  • Fernando Rivera 11 months ago

    Hey what kind of computer are you using cause it has better graphics

  • Lightning YouTubers 11 months ago

    Make a AFK fish farm :)

  • rachit shetty 11 months ago

    Why have you turned onn the subscriptions count

  • Realborisboef K'nex 11 months ago

    Maybe decorate the dirt walls with various stones, that will make it look a lot better

  • Soulful Archer 11 months ago

    Just got done watching all 6 episodes of Subnautica and this episode. I enjoy watching you build things. Watched Subnautica to see if I might like game because my son wants me to. Watched this to see how different your building style is from Hermitcraft, because I really miss regular Hermitcraft episode’s. Been enjoying your build by False’ s but need more. Take it easy my friend.

  • Zarenisboss Browser games and more 11 months ago

    Can you please do more ark?

  • Empolo HD 11 months ago

    Hey python you complain in minecraft harmony about hateing when you can see dirt under stairs but here you leve the dirt under the stairs?

  • Minecraft TV 11 months ago

    really enjoy your minecraft vids! always look forward to watching them :)

  • Low Gamer 11 months ago

    add a ceiling to patron cove please!

  • The AndrewGoring 11 months ago

    Drinking a Brew while Watching PythonGB’s Survival Series S2

  • Arcader Mattz 11 months ago

    really good farm!!! can’t wait for other Episode

  • Fernando Rivera 11 months ago

    But is it dell or hp laptop

  • IzzyTheBro 11 months ago

    I love python

  • Fyshy Games 11 months ago

    Mojang PLEASE add fences connecting to leaves

  • Fyshy Games 11 months ago

    Err Python, where’s the poll?

  • H man Elite 11 months ago

    Python please use the new minecraft textures for your let’s play. Love your vids keep the fun and the jokes coming:D

  • Jameson Playz 11 months ago

    Hey i watch your terraria and all of your vidios but these ones are my favourite if you wouldent mind could you plz check out my chanel thanks pyth Jameson Playz

  • veselu6a 11 months ago

    There’s a village near you I believe. It’s a great place to harvest potatoes and carrots, even beet root to add some color to the farm. Also you can plant pumpkins (they can be used for lanterns when you’re running out of glowstone) and melons randomly all over the place. Will look great.

  • MrRamanov S 11 months ago


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