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A secret insight into a new update coming


Minecraft video



  • Blizzard GD 11 months ago

    Its the moana skin pack…

  • Funtastic Wolf 11 months ago

    Will Switch Edition at least get the rest of the Battle maps? We only have 4 of them and 3 Glide maps.

  • TC Channel 11 months ago


  • Gold Yoshi 11 months ago

    (when you see Wii U better together instead of Wii U “&” better together)

  • Herobrain Playz 11 months ago

    Oh my gosh!

  • Unlisted Gamer 11 months ago

    Moana skin pack

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    So sad, we got a Moana skin pack on Switch, I wanted the battle maps and glide maps DLC to come!!!!!

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    Add the DLC to the switch 4j studios

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    I want the battle and glide maps on the switch to have on the go, please

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    So many battle maps are missing, Festive, Alien Invasion, Halloween, Steampunk, the giant room one, etc

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    Ibxtoycat, please tell 4j about this or make a video on it, I think a lot of us want this

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    Switch deserves to have the battle and glide maps, I mean imagine playing these on the go.

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    All of you go on twitter and comment to 4j studios, we want the battle/glide maps on Nintendo Switch

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    Please respond to this issue, I have waited a year since I got the switch for this and nobody seems to think about it

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    The Switch Minecraft should have them, I would buy ALL of them if those maps came out

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    All of those other consoles have them, and Wii U has it, why doesn’t Switch

  • Freddy Fazbear 11 months ago

    ibxtoycat please tell 4j studios we need these battle and glide maps

  • Biscotti Playzz 11 months ago

    Stupid moana skin PACK!!

  • i has a hotdog 11 months ago

    Wait Minecraft Wii U Edition getting the Better Together update noooooo there’s a reason why I bought Pocket Edition and console I don’t want two Pocket Editions

  • Leonardo Toma 11 months ago

    I just downloaded the update and it wasn’t enything

  • Beast Gamer 14 PLAYZ 11 months ago

    I just got it what’s different

  • Luigi Marinus 3 11 months ago

    I got the update it was not that great but i do like it theres a new skin pack and you can record video’s and its better than nothing!
    Spoiler alert!!!!

    its still not better together

  • MATHPC 40 11 months ago

    sorry for bad news, but i would be masterchief skin up and the other one, i forgot the name. No uptade :/.

  • Tweaker 11 months ago

    oooo… a new update lucky i am on the switch

  • Drake Sierra 11 months ago

    Oh Wii u is a goner (sorry old buddy) but switch is new

  • Roland3564 #TheKingOfRolandia 11 months ago


  • The Mouse in your house 11 months ago

    It was a bug fix, and new skin pack update

  • Number #1 11 months ago

    Wait, can Someone explain To me what the update is?? Im Kinda confused

  • LeoGaming123 11 months ago

    Damn everyone left the battle mode wow

  • Percy master of lightning 11 months ago

    it turned out to be a server update it kiked me offline for a .wile but no better together

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